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A new executive to lead-manage the GRA gambling department

October 13, 2017
1 min

The Government of Gibraltar announced about the appointment of Andrew Lyman as an executive director and head of the GRA gambling department. Currently Lyman is the executive director being in charge of legislative regulation matters at William Hill, London.

“Andrew is widely known within and outside the United Kingdom as a high-class specialist in legislation, public relations, management and development of both traditional gambling and its online analogues. His experience with HMRC, FSA, the Gambling Commission, William Hill and other industry entities made him an outstanding candidate. We are glad he joined us in Gibraltar”, pointed out Albert Isola, a minister in charge of gambling regulation.

The Government unanimously approved the transfer of power from such an energetic executive like Phil Brear, who will soon become both adviser to the Government and counselor to the gambling department.

This assignment entails subsequent changes in tax legislation, as well as revision of a former set of gambling laws, which will result in introduction of new regulatory rules to be presented to the public by 2018.

“From now on Andrew will work on development and promotion of the gambling department”, continued Isola. The authorities admit, “This area requires support and supervision of professionals, and we are very fortunate that Andrew joined our team. In the near future, Gibraltar will provide all possible support to the gambling community by offering only the best products and services in both online and traditional gambling, and Andrew’s assignment to this position means strong determination of this jurisdiction to remain the best of its kind”.

Lyman is expected to take office in January 2018.

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