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About 1,1 million of Russians per month place bets online

June 30, 2017
1 min

Dmitry Sergeev, the CEO of LLC “Digital Betting” and the Chief Development Officer at Rambler & Co, during the press conference devoted to the launch of the new betting brand called Bwin to the domestic market, announced that practically every month about 1,1 million of Russians place bets online.

According to the expert, the volume of the betting market in the Russian Federation accounts for 140 billion RUB annually. Almost a fifth out of this sum is made by online betting, which is around 30 billion RUB cash.

Approximately 2,5 million of Russians per year placed a bet at least once. Dmitry believes, that if bettors don’t quit gambling on black-market and illegal betting resources, it will become way too hard to develop this type of business in the domestic market.

Note, please: LLC “Digital Betting” was enlisted into the record of members of the first self-regulatory betting organization back in April of 2016. Previously, the company announced that its business on the Russian market will be predominantly focused on provision of interactive betting services.

According to the recent data, Bwin interactive betting will be available already in September of 2017.

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