Brazil postponed the gambling legalization until 2019

📅 Updated 20 December, 2017 🕐 1min. 👁 5447
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Brazil decided to legalize gambling market in 2019. The main reason for this is the decision of the County Court Judgment (CCJ) to postpone the vote on the bill in the country's parliament. The deputies plan to resume the process after the next year’s elections.

According to the Remote Gambling Association, the regulated online gaming market in Brazil can make more than $2 billion profit per year.

Experts from the international consulting company KPMG have already made recommendations to the Brazil's government on the gambling regulation. They suggested introducing a "wise and effective" licensing regime, a gross income tax system and measures that guarantee socially safe online gaming and betting operation.

It was also known earlier, that Pennsylvania regularized online gambling: in the fall of 2017, The Governor of Pennsylvania signed the relevant bill into law.

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