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Claw machine game provider Clawbuster joins Slotegrator’s partner network

July 2, 2024
2 min

Slotegrator is excited to announce Clawbuster as the newest member of our partner network. By integrating Clawbuster's unique games through APIgrator, operators can expand their offerings across their platforms in just one session.

Clawbuster breathes new life into the beloved claw machine game, combining classic gameplay with modern technology. This innovative approach has resonated with players of all ages, driving consistent month-over-month growth in engagement across all operator’s platforms.

Furthermore, Clawbuster is ready to share game analytics for each operator individually at no cost. Now, operators don't need to guess how a particular game performs in different regions. Clawbuster will provide a free dashboard that is updated in real time, enabling partners to manage their business successfully.

Additionally, starting from July, Clawbuster is launching their authentic slots with integrated bonus games and other claw machine mechanics within classic slots. This will allow players who prefer traditional games to enjoy more emotions and excitement from new mechanics and more intriguing bonus games, significantly increasing GGR.

With a strong presence in regions like Australia, Canada, Europe, the USA, and Asia, Clawbuster enables partners to access diverse markets and cater to various player preferences. This extensive reach ensures that operators can attract and retain a broad Audience.

What makes Clawbuster stand out is its clever use of AI and machine learning to fine-tune game features and enhance the player experience. Using the latest HTML5 technology, Clawbuster ensures their games run smoothly. This dedication to accessibility means players can enjoy Clawbuster’s hit games, like Bonanza Ocean Claw, Santa Claw, and Zombie Claw — on any device.

Clawbuster goes above and beyond with personalized services tailored to their partners’ needs. The provider excels at customizing game designs to align with partner branding, fostering brand loyalty, and offering a personalized gaming experience. Partners can adjust game settings to suit their specific needs, thus boosting player satisfaction and maximizing returns. This ability to tailor game parameters to meet a brand's specific needs enhances player satisfaction and optimizes ROI.

Integrating Clawbuster games through Slotegrator’s APIgrator will enhance your game portfolio, driving player engagement and retention.

*About APIgrator

APIgrator is a unique solution for the fast and seamless integration of online casino games into gambling platforms. The API protocol integrates software from a variety of game developers in a single session in a fast and cost-effective manner. The solution incorporates slots, card games, live dealer games, and virtual sports from 100 world’s leading developers.

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