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Cybersport conference eSPORTcong Ukraine 2017

February 24, 2017
3 min

On 22 February, the city of Kyiv hosted a conference dedicated to the trendy eSport topic - eSPORTconf Ukraine 2017. The Slotegrator team has visited the event and shares its impressions about the meeting.

ESports is a new investment niche for the Ukraine market. In 2017 it is expected the prosperity of different financial eSports organizations in the country. The first speaker was Gennady Vaselkov – a club-head at ASUS CyberZone, owner and chief editor of the oldest eSports outfit ( in the Eastern European region. Gennady told about the history of eSports, its special features and problematic aspects in the modern Ukraine.

According to the expert, the problem of eSports is in the point that the top players are mostly veterans with 12 years of experience. “Playing at home, it is virtually impossible to get into professional eSports because you need sharing the experience with other players,” commented Vitaliy.

New entrants wish to get into eSports but they do not know how. In addition, young people have slowly replaced the old school since there are lots of the new eSports disciplines. That is why the players are lost.

The next speaker, Arseniy Slai, represented a cyber-division of the FC Dynamo Kyiv. Arseniy spoke about “ESports development in Ukraine. Collaboration between virtual and real football. FC Dynamo Kyiv experience”.

The conference was continued with the performance of Sofia Dunayevkaya, marketer in the eSports and HyperX fields.

In the course of the conference Sofia shared the experience in creating of the marketing strategies for eSports, and the implementation of brand strategy in the computer gaming and eSports industry. The speaker also commented on the further development and promotion of the thematic video content sponsored by the eSports competitions and clubs.

The co-owner and Managing Director of Cyber Bet Gaming, Dias Ismailov, made a presentation about the taken position by eSports in the world of sports betting. The expert said that according to statistics of 2016, 170 million of the unique Twitch users are eSports fans.

Natalia Larchenko, CEO of the eSport-organization Gambit Gaming, delivered with her speech about "Management of the eSports-organizations and teams."

Natalya explained that there are regional divisions among the sponsors. For example, the American sponsors demand at least one American player to be presented in the team, while the Swedish – want to have their compatriots, and so on.

"There must be a discipline inside the team and individual approach to each player. For example, we hired a psychologist to work with the Gambit Gaming team on regular basis, "- said the speaker.

President of the Ukrainian Gaming Assosiation, Irina Sergienko, highlighted the following questions: What are the prospects of the e-Sports-betting in Ukraine and in the world? Which new laws are expected to be implemented for the gaming regulation? What are the legal difficulties faced by the eSports business in Ukraine?

The next speaker was Ruslan Bugrin, manager of Team Spirit, presented a report on "Management and marketing of professional compositions within the multugaming communities: the differences, features and complexity."

Alexander Nemesh, manager CS:GO of HellRaisers community, came up with the topic "Analysis of the the global eSports market within CS:GO example. The Ukraine's posotion in the global market, its dynamics and prospects. The benefits to invest in eSports. "

The speaker shared his experience of the HellRaisers organization, considered in much detail the issue of the financial sector’s profitability for the Ukrainian and international business.

There were also such speakers as Vitaly Ogienko, manager of the eSports team FlipSid3 Tactics; Nikolai Roginets, director of marketing at the multi-channel YouTube AIR network (Agency of Internet Rights); Ivan Danishevskiy, former creative director of the Game Show media group; Paul Cherepin, managing partner of the Sport Heroes company.

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