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DFS development prospects in 2017 - Fantasy sport. Ukraine Conference experts’ opinion

September 12, 2016
4 min

Daily fantasy sport (DFS) is a rapidly growing industry with multi-million dollar investments. Fantasy sports can not be qualified as gambling. However, some countries have quite heavy regulations regarding DFS operators.

In the US states where fantasy sport is legitimate, the government draws an analogy with online poker market and provides high regulatory standards. Is it right, and what future does DFS have in Ukraine, Russia and the Eastern European countries? Slotegrator put these questions to industry experts and participants of Fantasy sport. Ukraine. And that's what it found out.

Gleb Alekhin (Amina Gaming):

I think a greater role will be played by fantasy leagues segment, focused on cyber games fans. There are several reasons for that. The first one isa low start and a relatively low awareness of the audience of this form of activity. Almost everybody knows about sports betting, and DFS is still a new sectorfor many fans.

The second one is the growth of eSports titles audience. In addition, I think that in 2017 there will be many new DFS services not only on the European market, but also in the Eastern European countries. Moreover, they will be actively promoted among the gaming audience.

Simon Kaastrup-Olsen (GFS fantasy exchange):

Today, the question about the development prospects is a global one. DFS appeared at the dawn of the 80s and was developingin Europe during the 90s. Today it strengthens its position on world markets with each passing day. Eastern European region has a great potential, but there is a need for the appropriate legal framework in order to comply with thedevelopment rate. I think we should pay attention to adequate regulation of fantasy sports. Once the market will reach the appropriate level, there will be a boom in the sector as well as profit growth.

Irina Sergienko (FS&P):

Apparently, fantasy sports in Ukraine will gain momentum in the coming years. Moreover, I am sure that it will happen irrespective of whether the legal framework will be regulated or everything will remain unchanged.

In accordance with current legislation, DFS cannot be classified as gambling. But the existing initiatives don’t encourage optimism, and there is a high probability that the DFS will be qualified as prohibited/licensable activity. In this regard, I believe that operators interested in the development of business on the Ukrainian marketshouldtake it into account.

Max Kononenko (News of Gambling):

American daily fantasy sports have already “made a landing” in the Old World. In the near future the “landing force” will make a lodgment on the coast - companies will become the significant players of the European market. The results of their operation during the first year may be not very impressive, but they will start an irreversible process, which will change the sport betting marketgreatly.

We have already seen a similar situation.BetFair has launched a betting exchange, suggesting the customers to bet with each other, rather thanwith a bookmaker. First steps in this direction have caused a smirk of betting market behemoths. But last year BetFairhas joined forces with Paddy Power, creating the biggest gambling corporation in the world. As the result the number of millionaires in Ireland has increased dramatically.

Alexey Belov (Time to Draft):

Big bookmakers will start to apply B2B solutions for providing fantasy sports services. DFS industry will grow like a rolling snowball, thanks in large part to the fact that two biggest resources – and – will promote it.

I suppose that in 2017 the legal framework of fantasy sports will be formed. Many affiliates will turn to affiliate services on fantasy sports along with those on betting.

Francesco Baranka (Federbet):

Fantasy sport is growing rapidly on the European and the Eastern European markets. The industry has already become an alternative to traditional sports betting and has strong potential for further development. It is necessary to form appropriate regulations and norms in order to develop business within a corresponding structure.

Vladimir Stishenok (FPL champion):

I am sure that all aspects of fantasy sports will evolve significantly in 2017. However, there will be no notable boom in the development of fantasy sports in the Eastern European countries, but the progress will undoubtedly take place.

There will be a large jump in the amount of players ready to try prentice hand in free-rolls and a slight increase in the number of those wishing to play for money. Prize funds will be higher, but buy-ins will also increase.The number of sites, including those working with the European market, will grow as well.

Together with the development of DFS sector, the amount of thematic information portals and events similar to Fantasy sport. Ukraine will increase.


As we can see, experts believe that the DFS market will undergo significant changes during the next year. Speakers will give more detailed information within Fantasy sport. Ukraine conference, which will take place on the 14th of September 2016. The organizer and sponsor of the event is Slotegrator.

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