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Excellence knows no limits: meet our new partner, Nolimit City

September 9, 2021
2 min

Nolimit City is an international team of skilled professionals with offices in Malta, Sweden, and India. Primarily focused on creating reliable gambling software, the studio leverages its hands-on experience to deliver smooth, customizable content and tailor-made solutions that address the needs and challenges of specific operators.

Nolimit City was founded in 2014 and has built a reputation for prioritising the quality of its products. The studio has a unique focus on customer experience and works hard to deliver value and build long-lasting relationships with operators.

Nolimit City’s games encompass a wide range of styles: while Bushido Ways xNudge evokes images of medieval Japan, East Coast vs. West Coast embraces the hip-hop aesthetics of the 90s. It’s worth mentioning that many of Nolimit Сity’s games employ unique proprietary game mechanics. Features like xNudge, xWays, xPays, xBomb elevate the studio's products and are licensed to other developers. Needless to say, stability and performance on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices alike are stellar. The studio's portfolio consists of over 40 titles, popular in many European countries: the United Kingdom, Malta, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, including additional soon to be announced EU markets.

Besides the games, Nolimit City delivers a variety of promotional tools and back-office solutions.

The studio provides operators with practical marketing tools and access to synchronous or asynchronous real-time information to feed in-house data-driven promotion systems. Nolimit City also offers a ready-to-use system for triggering multi-channel free spin campaigns.

Nolimit City works tirelessly to turn its vision for the iGaming market into reality, shifting the focus firmly on the needs of the operators. The studio believes that the best results are accomplished when skill and talent are put at the service of customers' necessities, and this model has proven successful for them so far.

Find out more about integrating Nolimit City slots and back-office systems on our Partners page.

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