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Google to lift a ban on gambling and betting in its Google Play store

July 31, 2017
1 min

Google is looking to lift the ban on distribution and placement of gambling applications in its certified Google Play Market and has already announced submission of applications for potential developers starting from August of the current year.

It is already planned that initially such applications will be available for the markets of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy. However, in the near future it will be also possible to cover more territories and markets.

In order to submit an application for Google Play consideration, developers have to file a full package of documents, including licenses issued by regulators supervising territories of their potential operation.

Representatives of Google have also mentioned that Google Play Market is looking forward to providing only high-quality services in order to surprise its audiences with brand new experiences. Consequently, the company management has decided to start experimental integration of 100% secure gambling applications that will fully correspond to requirements set by regulators.

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