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How to create an exclusive solution for an online casino

November 24, 2016
7 min

An interview with the Company Table 10 Games

Artem Artemov, the CEO of the company Table 10 Games shared with Slotegrator, a leading aggregator of progressive solutions for online casinos, his ideas concerning various approaches to creation of exclusive solutions for operators according to their own requirements and standards set on the market of the online board games.

Table 10 games is a considerably young company, however, it has already proved itself to be a successful developer of games designed for online casinos. Solutions provided by this very company stand out due to their functionality and extraordinary design.

The company’s main approach towards dealing with their operators is based on exclusivity and constant readiness to execute conjointly various projects.

The distinctive feature that accentuates the level of capacity peculiar to Table 10 Games’s teamwork is their aptitude to adapt their gaming content to the individualities of any existing market.

This is exactly what we are going to discuss further on with Artem in a little bit more detail.

Artem, how do you do! Could you, please, tell us what kind of online casino games Тable 10 Games is ready to offer these days?

Our company is currently ready to provide online casino operators with the following games: billiards (Pool 8) – the legendary American eightball, three card poker (Three Card Poker), seka (Seka), popular among almost all the audiences dominoes (Dominoes), Texas Poker (Texas Hold`em Poker) and our fresh gimmick nardes (Narde), designed in HTML 5 that allows to run it on all the existing mobile platforms. Game of dice (Dice) is currently on its last stages of elaboration and design. You can flick through demo versions of all the available products introduced by Table 10 on our official website

The products you have mentioned previously can be defined as brand new products or just the old versions transformed into different formats?

It depends. If a client orders the game from thе list of already existing ones in our portfolio, it is more than clear that we cater it right away. Moreover, on request, of course, there is a possibility of adding your own logo, for example, to your desktop in the game of billiards. In case it’s our brand new game, it will be a completely new product.

Do your games differ somehow from the analogues provided by the rest of developers?

Our games stand out due to our special attitude to elaboration of details, mechanics, and graphics that we give special attention to. In addition, products by 10 Games are famous for the stability of functioning upheld by comprehensive testing, individual approach to solving various issues related both to the operation of games and the system on the whole, as well as extremely active interaction with our clients at all stages of the collaboration.

Can you describe an average process of the development of any of your products?

The whole process can be divided into 5 stages.

  1. Preparation, analysis of the details, elaboration of the best approaches to the development process, taking into consideration particular qualities of the given system.
  2. Development of samples of the applications of the gaming server and elaboration of applications oriented on clients only in order to provide them with basic functional options such as forwarding, acquisition, processing, feedback, compression, decompression and dealing with databases. This stage defines many important aspects that might become applicable to the next stages.
  3. Development of the server logic and the whole interface of the game taking into consideration rules; compilation of the command set and creation of the gaming communicative protocol, both for the client and for the server; working on the design of the game.
  4. Adjustment of the interconnection between a game and our system; preparation of documentation for our clients.
  5. Profound testing of the game, improvement, and follow-up revision of all the detected bugs.

All the stages pass smoothly and starting from the final part of the second stage, testing is constantly executed. Development of the server logic and the interface pass along simultaneously. We get down to the most flexible approaches possible in our area of business.

We have the most well- trained and high-skilled specialists in our team and, as a result ,our games are of high quality.

How much time does the startup and testing take?

It’s a very individual matter. The development of the game depends greatly on its complexity and the presence of varieties of rules. The whole process might take approximately from 2 till 6 months, but the average timescale is 3-4 months. Estimated timespan within testing and possible follow-up revision makes up more than a third of the said time.

What are the main principles that Table 10 Games postulates while acting on the gambling market? What are the distinctive features and approaches to dealing with aggregators and operators?

The main principles that our company Table 10 adheres to are:

  • quality and budget-friendly products;
  • personalized services and special approach to solving issues;
  • originality compared to other games on the market;
  • design and unforgettable emotions.

The most important thing we are focused on while collaborating with aggregators and operators is provision of appealing products to the market. In return, we obtain the necessary assistance and support at all stages of elaboration and formation of our project.

Why is it important to create games that would meet clients’ needs?

Сurrent gambling market is more than competitive. And this competition is growing day by day. In these new conditions originality comes to the fore reflected in the games developed up to the expectations of our customers. That’s why it is very important to create a game that would appeal to gamblers just because they won’t find anything similar in the product lines of the rest of providers.

What kind of games provided by Тable 10 Games were modified according to the specific requirements set out by the client? How does it function in real-world terms?

The modifications on client’s demand are available and applicable to each of our games. Another important question is, whether it is possible or not. For instance, it is possible to install one´s own logo on the desktop of the game, except in 3 Card Poker; in Pool 8, there is an option of switching on or off the aiming; Seka provides tables with different set of rules, as they vary according to the region where the game is played; almost every game is equipped with an option allowing to adjust stakes, rakes, currencies, as well as provides a possibility to make personal requests for innovations that might be considered and potentially installed by our developers into the future game.

Could you, please, tell us more about the way exclusive solutions are integrated into the mobile platforms?

As for the question of playing our games on the mobile devices, I should say, that the main feature we were focused on was transition to HTML 5 technology. We are also targeted at adaptation of the gaming interface to the screen dimensions and convenient arrangement of the gaming elements that enable gamblers to test our products in their own mobiles.

What does an average offer include?

According to their own requirements, clients might choose between one game, a couple of games or a whole package of games. This might also include the price for installation. There is also an additional opportunity of purchasing new games. All the updates of graphics, functions and security are automatically distributed between all the existing operators. Clients are also provided with all the necessary documentation required for installation of the game in Russian or English and have the possibility to consult our specialists during all the stages of project accomplishment. Moreover, we can create unique set of functions for your games at extra charge.

What are the advantages of collaboration with Slotegrator in respect of exclusive solutions?

At the moment, Slotegrator is a leading aggregator of various solutions for online gambling. Based on its experience and team of professionals, the company is instrumental in finding long-standing business partners having clear ideas of what they really want.

What other possibilities does collaboration with an aggregator bring?

As I mentioned previously, this kind of collaboration contributes to the reduction of expenditures on marketing. Via an aggregator, providers hit upon a huge database of potential clients, consequently, announcing itself a leading company on the market.

Thank you for the conversation! Good luck in business!

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