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Instant portfolio improvement with Lotto Instant Win

September 24, 2020
3 min

Slotegrator never sits still, constantly expanding its list of partners by working side by side with exceptional game developers. We are excited to introduce Lotto Instant Win — a live dealer game provider with a focus on lotteries. The developer’s peerless games can be added to your platform with the help of our APIgrator* solution.

Lotto Instant Win is a revolutionary live dealer game creator. The company developed its ideas from scratch, built several studios with exemplary conditions, went through the long and complicated process of ensuring the high quality of its machines and software, and spent several years developing and testing its games. Today, the result is obvious — Lotto Instant Win’s games are in demand around the world.

The developer offers round the clock live streaming of 20+ games in six customizable studios all over the world. Operators can choose between two different studio setups: having the drum and hostess in the same room or at different locations — the second option enabling operators to have a hostess who speaks their native language.

The games in Studio 1 are a mix of casino games, lottery, and high-frequency betting on live events — up to 180 draws daily. In the second studio, there is a new draw every three minutes, which makes the game even faster and more engaging with over 400 daily draws. Studio 3 offers a roulette-inspired lottery game, while Studio 4 allows players to take part in adrenaline-filled Live Keno games. Studio 5 is home to the developer’s latest innovation. Here, players will find dual synchronized drums, each holding a different number of balls, with automated sorting drawing a series of balls from each drum. In Studio 6, users can try the newest addition to the portfolio of fast games — Sic Bo.

Vedran Katić, Lotto Instant Win COO, has this to say about the partnership:

We are very happy to be able to offer our Lotto Instant Win games through Slotegrator as we see their aggregation platform and technology becoming more and more present with some of the major players in the industry. With their friendly but professional approach, the entire process of integration was smooth and quick and we look forward to providing them with our supreme betting on numbers products to further strengthen their portfolio of providers.

Lotto Instant Win offers its lottery games to players across the world. The top game in the Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, and Latin America is Studio 1’s Lucky Six game. Players in Asia prefer Win 1/37 from Studio 3, while Scandinavian players choose the Keno games available in Studio 4. All of the company’s games are optimized for all available platforms and certified, ensuring the professionalism of the staff and the security and transparency of the game process.

*About APIgrator

APIgrator is a unique solution for the fast and seamless integration of online casino games into gambling platforms. Our API integrates software from a variety of game developers in a single session in a fast and cost-effective manner. The solution incorporates slots, card games, live dealer games, and virtual sports from over 100 of the world’s leading developers.


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