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Join Games interview

July 7, 2016
3 min
  1. Where did the name Join Games come from?

The name Join symbolizes the fusion of creative ideas and talented individuals that, together, form a strong team with one objective.

  1. You are a young company, how do you stand out in such a competitive business?

The company is two years and counting but the directors have over thirty years of combined experience. And experience has been a key element of our rapid growth.

The business is competitive, true, but we believe that with the right angle, there is a lucrative market out there that will play our games. It is important to have good graphics, innovative features, good mathematics as well as sterling B2B customer service. All these factors contribute to that ‘wow’ factor.

This is why we have come up with the CineSlot concept where we literally record talented actors in our green room, then embed the footage in our slot games. We even have a line of operators who want us to create their own, custom CineSlot.

We’re also working on patenting a unique feature that enables the slot button to be dragged from left to right, making it easy for both left and right handed players to enjoy our games on mobile devices.

Finally, we have also gamified some of our slots, such as Zombie, making them more interactive. Player retention is key and this gamification feature has really boosted our numbers.

  1. What is your favorite Join Game? Why?

It is very hard to point at one particular game. Every game has something unique to offer. We are always super excited to work on the latest slot game and are eager of its release into the market. At the moment we are working on a pirate-themed slot. We recorded some amazing actors in our green room and the effects have been overwhelming. Expect the unexpected once ‘Legend of Emerald’ is released!

  1. Where will you be focusing your efforts from a product perspective during 2016?

We are putting a lot of emphasis on the mathematics behind our slots. We have some unique algorithms that have been converting exceptionally well. Players seem to play more often and for longer periods.

  1. You have agreed on a deal with Slotegrator during the Russian Gaming Week, how do you see this cooperation in future?

Financially speaking, the agreement is a solid win-win. But numbers aside, negotiations between Join and Slotegrator were swift and culminated in a lovely dinner across Red Square during Russia Gaming Week. Since then our cooperation has matured into a strong working relationship based on trust. We are impressed with the professionalism of every team member at Slotegrator and only hope that our team has been able to reciprocate the same level of work ethic. It is imperative that relationships remain strong not only between senior management, but also among our developers, our PR teams. I look forward to more victory laps with Slotegrator as we release new games into the market.

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