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Lotto Agent: How did a famous lottery service take over the instant games market, and what came next?

March 27, 2023
3 min

Last year, Lotto Agent celebrated its 10th anniversary. During that decade, the company has gone from a single-product service to one of the flagships of the entire gambling industry.

In 2012, Lotto Agent broke into the gambling market with the motto, "buy lottery tickets from the comfort of your own home." The company was conceived as a high-end international lottery concierge service which not only provides gambling services to players around the globe, but does so at the highest level, with discreet but effective marketing, live operators in user support, and an attentive attitude to the needs and tastes of its customers.

Real Lottery Tickets

World-famous American lotteries like Powerball and MEGA Millions, the world’s only games of chance with jackpots exceeding one billion US dollars, were the first to appear on Lotto Agent apps and sites. Later, equally famous European lotteries, such as EuroMillions and SuperEnalotto, captured players' attention. For several years, lotteries from North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa have been added to the set of the world's most famous games offered by Lotto Agent. Among them, there were games with complex matrices, nine-figure jaw-blowing jackpots, and simple lotteries like "match 6 out of 35," offering smaller prizes.

Business Model Change and Focus on Betting

Lotto Agent’s road to success was bumpy at first.The service redeemed authentic lottery tickets for its users through official lottery ticket sales points, which were then scanned and could be viewed in the players' accounts. Customers also gained the option to join lottery syndicates. However, the COVID pandemic forced the company to adjust its work model, as winners must claim large lottery prizes in person – impossible while international borders were closed – and the company had to scramble for solutions.

Buying lottery tickets is not the only business model on which lottery concierge services work. There is also the “betting model,”where the bet cost is transferred to the insurance company providing the prize payouts. In this case, the cost is an insurance premium, and winning the lottery is an insured event. Lotto Agent’s longstanding reputation allowed it to start cooperation with top gambling insurance companies, a move which significantly expanded the set of available lotteries and introduced some unique features – for example, the company's "boosted jackpot" is larger than the one offered by official operators.

Total Expansion of Products and Services

Initially, Lotto Agent provided gambling services in almost all countries worldwide, studying the tastes and preferences of its multinational audience. It turned out that residents of some regions prefer their native lotteries, and are even willing to pay a premium to buy their tickets online. Indian players are more open to experiments, driven mainly by curiosity. At the same time, users from LATAM chose American and European lotteries because, for various reasons, they place less trust in their own national operators. But over time, the company decided to focus on only a few markets to provide them with the highest quality service.

To satisfy their growing appetites, Lotto Agent's longtime users requested an expansion of the available set of games. It emerged that in Latin America, crash games (such as Aviator) are top-rated, while in India, players love slots and games with live dealers. These players wanted the convenience of a single portal for all their lottery and gaming needs, so Lotto Agent adapted to meet the needs of its players. Slots were the first instant games the company presented to its players in 2022, and after a successful release, crash games, baccarat, roulette, keno, live dealer games, and much more have been rolled out.

Lotto Agent entered into a partnership agreement with software developer and aggregator Slotegrator, and the two companies have already implemented many solutions together. Lotto Agent and Slotegrator have many plans for cooperation in 2023, so fans of instant games should keep an eye out because something incredible is right around the corner.

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