New VR game on the market: The Incredible VR Game Show

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12 April, Tantawowa launched a collection of VR-mini games – The Incredible VR Game Show.

As noted by Slotegrator, the potential of VR in gambling is huge. Today, this technology is one of the major trends in iGaming. According to Juniper Research analytical centre, the number of bets made in gambling through VR in the near future will increase tenfold, and by 2021 will amount to $520 million.

Tantawowa Games is an indie developer that created a special project with the purpose of promoting virtual reality and demonstrating new equipment for entertaining.

The Incredible VR Game Show is a great budget option for those buying the VR headset. The developer's task was to show that new equipment could make your pastime pleasant and fun through various games. 

Tantawowa Games offers many exciting storylines: from rock-climbing to bullfighting, from punching blocks to archery — designed for competition and fun game with opponents.

Some names speak for themselves: Loco Dojo, Sports Bar VR, Summer Funland, Rec Room, Pierhead Arcade, etc. There are several versions of the game – one-player, as well as local multiplayer up to 4 players.  Each mini-game lasts 60 to 180 seconds. There is also a training mode for those who want to hone their skills.

The Incredible VR Game Show designed for the PC platform, and everyone can already buy it via Steam

At the early stage, the developer offers an interesting sales model. Each of the 10 mini-games, present in the collection, is available at the price of $1. It means that the user has the opportunity to buy them selectively, or a full set for $5.99. 

As for today, such famous brands in gambling as Lucky VR, NetEnt, VR Poker, Microgaming, etc. offer the developments using VR technologies. While the SlotsMillion company, back in 2015, opened the world's first VR online casino. Everything suggests that gambling market leaders see the enormous potential of this new technology for the industry. 

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