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Online gambling market size will reach $1 trillion by 2021 and will increase by 44% by 2020

September 22, 2016
1 min

Juniper Research focusing on investigations of major digital gambling niches has published a new forecast of world online gambling industry development. According to statistics, turnover of the online gambling sector will reach $1 trillion in 5 years, by 2021. In 2016, online gambling market is estimated at $550 billion.

The study has shown that games of chance are more often used in online mode than in offline. Besides, a majority of net market growth accounts for mobile channel users. Authors claim that such new technologies as VR will provide an additional motivation to online casinos. It is expected that less than half of all gambling market turnover will account for the amount of online bets.

Customer loyalty programs in virtual gambling venues will be the key money making tools. Lauren Foye, the coauthor of research, said:

“Providing players with additional features, for instance, news, information about favourite teams, and personalized offers based on the previous experience of gamblers activity, gives an opportunity not only to reduce exodus but also increase users’ interest to the venue.”

Technavio research group has said that by 2020, online sector profit growth will be 11% every year. At the same time, the European online gambling market will annually increase by 15%, beginning from 2016.

Great Britain is a leading country on the European continent in the amount of operators and online gamblers. According to the previous estimates, there are more than 18 million online game accounts scattered across dozens of websites, including InstaCasino. However, according to Slotegrator analytic articles, poker remains the most popular games among British gamblers.

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