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Overall results of Fantasy sport. Ukraine Conference

September 20, 2016
5 min

On 14 September Kyiv hosted the first Fantasy sport. Ukraine Conference. The event featured presentations from 7 experienced industry experts from Ukraine and abroad. Altogether, the conference gathered round one hundred of keen representatives of fantasy industry.

Fantasy sport. Ukraine became a unique platform for presenting new fantasy products, discussing key tactics and strategies of winning. Within four-hour conference speakers highlighted the most effective techniques for improving business projects and made forecasts regarding the development of this industry in the next 2-3 years.

The first speaker was Max Kononenko, editor-in-chief of the informational online portal News of Gambling. Speaker focused on the main aspects of fantasy sports, told what difficulties arise on the way towards legalization of this business. He also touched such topics as peculiarities of working in the European market and fighting against competition.

News of Gambling: ‘Such conference as Fantasy sport. Ukraine is an excellent platform for bringing up ideas for new projects. Moreover, it provides opportunities for making acquaintances with potential partners for collaborative implementation of those ideas’.

The next speaker, president of the Ukrainian Association of Gambling Industry Irina Sergienko, covered the issues of legal regulation of fantasy sports in accordance with current legislation. Speaker dotted the i's in the question of lawful operation of DFS on the territory of Ukraine.

‘Today the legislative ban on gambling business in Ukraine does not contain a word about fantasy sports. When you come right down to it, a game is considered to be a gambling activity when its outcome depends on a chance. And if there is a precedent, it’s quite possible that fantasy sports will be defined as part of gambling industry’.

The partner of e-sports organization AnimaUnity and the first marketing director of Na’Vi Gleb Alyokhin made a presentation on new trends in gambling industry. Alyokhin told about new themed services, which betting companies should pay attention to.

How to succeed when playing DFS was highlighted at Fantasy Sport. Ukraine by two-time champion of the largest DFS tournament – Fantasy Premier League, author of the book ‘Island of Kindness’ Vladimir Stishenok. Speaker told participants and guests of the conference where to find relevant information when preparing for the tournaments and how to apply them correctly in practice. Viewers learned about the development of fantasy sports worldwide and in Eastern Europe, its prospects, where to find information for a successful game and how to use it.

The presentation from cofounder of Global Fantasy Sports, Simon Kaastrup-Olsen, contained answers to the question ‘what is DFS today and what is the origin and history of this industry’. According to speaker’s forecasts, sports betting will be legalized in the USA over the next 6 years. And this will improve the interaction between such segments as betting and fantasy. Speaker also introduced the wide audience to the product developed by his company – NFL and explained why this novelty is being integrated specifically in Ukraine.

Another foreign speaker of the conference was Francesco Baranka, secretary general of Federbet. According to the speaker, detection of cheating during fantasy competitions and e-sports matches is the new mission aimed at preserving the integrity of gaming industry. Baranka added that Federbet was ready to create conditions for implementation of mechanisms to fight against fraudulent contests.

‘It is easier to detect instances of fraud in fantasy sports than in traditional sports. Currently 10 people have been arrested for such criminal activities’.

Fantasy sport. Ukraine Conference was closed with a presentation from Alexey Belov, cofounder of Time to Draft. Speaker presented a brief description of world DFS markets and in figures illustrated the keen audience of fantasy sports in Eastern Europe. A part of Belov’s presentation was dedicated to forecasts of the development of fantasy industry in the upcoming years.

Denis Dzyubenko, PR manager of Slotegrator:

‘As this niche is not widely promoted and isn’t occupied by leading market players, it was expected that it would be hard to gather a ‘hobby club’, as well as specialists. We were amazed that people from ‘neighbouring spheres’ were eager to participate and find opportunities for expanding their businesses. Long period of preparation and idea incubation of such an event gave its results, and one could make sure of it just in the beginning of the conference’.

Summarizing the results of this themed event, we cannot refrain from telling how Slotegrator sees the development of the industry and its direct participation in this sector.

Aggregator’s Academy is constantly advancing. In the nearest future Slotegrator will unveil industry events, where participants will be represented by fantasy experts, players with many years of experience, as well as foreign guests who will talk about changes of the DFS market throughout the world. Specialists from related industries are ready to go beyond the scope of their business, to develop fantasy niche both globally and as part of their business strategy.

It should be also noted that Slotegrator Academy is planning to launch webinars on DFS that will review case studies of this industry, mechanisms of accurate playing, development strategies for business projects and themed products.

Aggregator’s partner CASEXE also participated in Fantasy sport. Ukraine Conference and shared its plans for the future regarding products for DFS market.

‘Development of solutions for Fantasy Sport within CASEXE platform is one of the priorities of our company. We are ready to create the best projects in this sphere for our customers. Specialists from CASEXE have all required resources and knowledge. We have partnership agreements with suppliers of Fantasy Sport software, as well as the vision and understanding of how such projects must look like and function’, said СЕО CASEXE Ivan Kondilenko.

Check out the latest news from Slotegrator Academy, and very soon your learning guide will offer new lessons in the DFS sphere and related industries!

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