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Physicists have developed a concept for a free fraud casino

July 21, 2017
2 min

Chinese and British scientists have introduced an idea of honest e-casino based on the principles of quantum mechanics.

Professor Jeremy O'Brien from the University of Bristol (Britain) said that a supervision of casino and player’s integrity is a key issue for a successful operation of any sweepstake. As a rule, some third, independent person performs a supervision of participants’ behavior; however, in the case of online sweepstake, it is almost impossible to carry on this procedure. A team of scientists has developed a protocol allowing you to establish an absolutely honest casino working without any third party.

Quantum technology of data transmission is attracting more and more attention of financiers, politicians and other public figures far from science. The reason is that this invention guarantees information exchange systems to be not whitetapped or faked.

In this system, a pair of entangled particles, one of which belongs to the casino, plays the role of dice, slot machine handle, cards, etc., while the second one is transferred to the player.

The player must open a box where the particle is (or is not), and find it. If it is not in the box, then he can ask the casino to send him a second particle and check if it is in the starting position that was before the gaming session.

If player finds the particle or discovers that it is in the wrong state, then it wins, and in all other cases, the money goes to the owner of the sweepstake. Such a system, as scientists say, naturally tends to a fair distribution of the chance of loss and win, since both the casino and the player are simply not profitable to try to deceive a partner who can check the results of the game at any time.

Scientists using a set of single photon detectors and a source of “confusing” light, by which they tried to find a way to deceive the sweepstake or the player himself, tested work of the quantum casino. As these experiments showed, any attempts to cheat did not increase, but reduced the amount of the winnings, which demonstrated an absolute integrity of the quantum casino.

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