The award-winning the Ig Nobel Prize Australian scientists Matthew Rockloff and Nancy Green which managed to prove that people who have ever touched a living crocodile are prone to take more risks in casinos.

According to scientists, this can be explained by the fact that control over a predator forces people to believe in their luck, while the nervous state provoked by such an experience induces to reckless actions.

Thus, it means that in such a manner people erroneously interpret the nervous stress as an indicator of future luck and start believing in big wins.

The Ig Nobel Prize ceremony was held at Harvard University already for 27th time.

Please note: The IG Nobel Prize was established by Mark Abrahams back in 1991, sponsored by the Scientific Journal of Incredible Research. This award is given to "scientific researches that make you laugh at first and then make you think”. The award ceremony is traditionally held at Harvard on the eve of proper Nobel ceremony in Stockholm. Real Nobel laureates grant awards to those awarded.

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