Slotegrator adds a new pin to the map: We are now in Estonia!

The Estonian market is one of the most interesting opportunities for potential online casino operators, and not just in the Baltic region. The gap between traditional land-based gambling and technologically driven online options has been narrowing for years, and the pandemic accelerated this trend. Here at Slotegrator, we have been watching Estonia closely for a while, and we believe that now is the best time to expand into the local gambling market!

Estonia legalized online gambling just 10 years ago, but modern legislation and a fertile business environment turned it into one of the region’s rising stars. The pandemic didn’t stall the industry’s overall growth, and the online segment’s GGR reached €78 million, compensating for the shortfall of the land-based operators.

Like clockwork: an overview of the Estonian gambling market in 2021

While most post-Soviet states take a cautious approach towards the gambling industry, often treating it as a scapegoat, the Baltics are different. Also, instead of just adopting the stance of other Europ...

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This is not surprising, considering Estonia’s rates of digitalisation: internet penetration stands at 90%, while more than 80% of households regularly connect via mobile devices. 

In Estonia, tax revenues derived from gambling are used to fund social and cultural projects; moreover, the government has been combating illegal online operators for the past 10 years to ensure the industry remains safe and transparent. All forms of gambling are legal in the country: from slots and roulette to poker and sports betting, it’s all fair game. 

To operate in Estonia, companies have to hold a license issued by the Tax and Customs Board. Local permits do not expire and are not subject to renewal fees. The only recurring cost for operators is the 5% gambling tax. 

To help interested companies successfully go through the licensing process, Slotegrator offers consulting and legal services. And if you are looking for platform solutions or gaming content that Estonian players love, make sure to check out the products listed on our website. 

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