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Slotegrator gives away 50% off for Telegram casino development: the winner is decided!

March 3, 2017
1 min

On March 1, the 50% discount for the Telegram chat bot creation was given away to its winner at Georgia Gaming Congress.

The lucky owner is Vitaly Terentyev.

The Slotegrator Company would like to congratulate Vitaly on his win and wish him further business prosperity in the online gambling industry.

With the new Slotegrator’s innovation many gambling operators are given the opportunity to reach new markets and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Online casino owners are offered the choice of two basic packages for the chat bot development. The first suit includes the creating of Telegram bot+platform while another one – Telegram bot+platform+visual interface.

Follow our special promotions and offerings, so that you will jump at the chance of winning interesting prizes.

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