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Slotegrator to participate in Vienna International Gaming Expo

February 20, 2017
1 min

The company Slotegrator, one of the major aggregators of gambling solutions for online casinos, is ready to inform about its participation in Vienna International Gaming Expo.

The said event will be held on March 20-22 in Vienna.

Vadim Potapenko, Slotegrator´s Business Development manager is going to make a presentation as one of the key speakers of this conference. During his speech, Vadim will cover the main features of company´s latest developments, particularly, Telegram casino projects.

“Our solutions are truly unique and still have no analogues on the current market. Together with us our partners can stay 100% sure, that they will be able to operate in all kinds of locations, while their data is effectively secured. Moreover, such solutions enable gamblers with poor Internet coverage to continue gambling, as long as the majority of contemporary online casino websites set high technical requirements to modern electronic devices. These are some of the topics I´ll raise during my presentation on advantages and possibilities of this solution at the upcoming conference”.

The presentation covers the following matters:

  • Advantages of the project;
  • Bot operating principles;
  • Financial benefits of the project;
  • Examples of successful Telegram casino cases.

The conference will call together more than 350 delegates from over 35 countries, providing them with an opportunity to share experience and ideas with their international colleagues.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this grandiose in its scope gambling event held on March 20-22 in Vienna.

See you at Vienna International Gaming Expo!

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