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Slotegrator’s brand manager to speak at RGW lecture hall

May 19, 2017
2 min

Denis Dzubenko, Slotegrator´s brand manager, is going to represent the company at this year´s RGW giving a lecture on "Influence of iGaming content on online casino profits". Note, please, the said event will be held on June 7-8 in Moscow.

Lecture hall, broadly speaking, is a platform aimed at carrying out various educational lectures and workshops giving its visitors the possibility of exchanging knowledge and sharing experience, while experts of the industry acquire an interactive platform for live communication with audiences.

The speaker will cover the following points:

  • Online casino games and their selection criterion;
  • Experience of neighboring countries in running online gambling projects;
  • Successful online casino cases;
  • Popular games on the territory of Eastern European countries;
  • Differences in quality and prices of products by different providers;
  • Reasons to opt for original software only.

Denis Dzubenko:

“During my discourse I am going to focus on various iGaming providers and the reasons of their popularity on certain territories. Another important matter of discussion is how gamblers actually choose particular gambling content and what should be taken into account while gambling at a brand new online casino. I would like to bring up the topic of the most promising iGaming markets to operate on and name some of the top providers together with analyzing their unique gaming solutions. By comparing various types of gaming content, we are going to elicit general principles of selection of the most efficient solutions in order to make your project benefit and attract more gamblers".

Russian Gaming Week is a platform gathering providers, distributors, operators and the rest of representatives of the industry. Having united big numbers of participants last year, the sponsors keep broadening the framework of the event by involving more international companies, as well as attracting brand new companies from the adjacent sectors of the market.

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