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Slotegrator’s year in review: 2021

December 30, 2021
5 min

A pioneering new product, groundbreaking educational material, and a long list of industry events? Sounds like despite the pandemic, 2021 wasn’t a bad year for Slotegrator.

New innovation: Telegram Casino

We’re always analyzing markets, listening to clients, and coming up with new ways to drive the industry forward. How did that go in 2021? Well, it turned out to be the perfect year to release our updated Telegram Casino product.

Designed with convenience and privacy in mind, Telegram Casino offers an alternative user experience and provides players more anonymity than a traditional web browser format. The streamlined UX creates a fast and easy avenue to a casino’s backend through the messaging app.

There’s nothing we love more than helping our clients tap into new demographics. The pioneering solution is the first of its kind to hit the Eastern European market, and on top of that, it’s designed to appeal to the tech-loving Generation Z.

We can’t tell you how excited we are about Telegram Casino, but it’s far from the only milestone we passed this year.

New year, new us: the big rebrand

Constant evolution is the only way to stay on the razor’s edge of the iGaming industry. With all the changes we’ve made — new products, new strategies, and new markets — we felt it was time for a rebranding to reflect how much we’ve grown.

We revisited our core values to make sure our new identity stayed true to our vision while reflecting how much we’ve changed. We wanted to hold on to what’s always made us unique while showing who we’ve become.

What did we come up with? A red silk ribbon, folded into the shape of an S, that symbolizes our strength and flexibility. Dynamic and refined, it keeps the outline of our old logo to show continuity with the past while taking on the shape of a tornado to show our commitment to delivering disruptive new products.

With 2022 right around the corner, our new image couldn’t have come at a better time. We’re looking forward to greeting the new year with a fresh face, ready for whatever the future brings.

A virtual classroom

Part of our mission is the ongoing education of new and experienced professionals in the online gambling and sports betting industry. This year we hosted not one, and not two, but three live webinars covering vital topics in iGaming.

Our first two webinars focused on regions full of emerging markets, attractive due to their tremendous potential.

Nations like Kenya and Nigeria are full of passionate sports bettors, most of whom love to place bets via mobile. In “Striking while the iron is hot: How to launch an online gambling project in Africa,” Sales Manager Jashwant Patel looked at all the different iGaming opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs in Africa.

Brazil has caught the eye of everyone in the industry in recent years. But Latin America’s largest country is far from being its only golden opportunity. In “Latin America’s big four: iGaming opportunities in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru,” Sales Manager Paula Gonzalez broke down why each of those four markets deserves a spot on the iGaming map.

While our first two webinars took attendees around the globe, our third webinar looked at our newest product. In “Telegram Casino: A new format in the gambling industry,” Slotegrator Business Development Manager Ayvar Gabidullin outlined how a bot in the Telegram messenger app can make casino gaming easier, more accessible, and more private than the classic web browser format.

Luckily, if you missed any of our webinars this year, they’re all available for download, so don’t hesitate to ask for a recording!

The big read: ebooks

We published tons of material in the Academy section of our site this year, but some subjects are too big for a single article.

When that happens, it’s ebook time.

Our first-ever ebook, “The Ultimate Guide to Online Casino Marketing,” walks the reader through every step of player acquisition and retention for online casinos. From search engine optimization to frontend design and email campaigns, readers learned everything they needed to build a strategy to find and keep their players.

The success of the first ebook inspired us to write another. With a stunning visual design and painstaking levels of research, “iGaming in Latin America” took an in-depth look at every country in the region, from Mexico down to Argentina, and evaluated its potential as an iGaming destination.

Download both of them for reference and keep an eye out for more ebooks in the future!

Slotegrator around the world

After all we went through in 2020, we had a new level of appreciation for the industry events we got to attend in 2021.

Conferences and expos are great opportunities to meet face-to-face, share ideas and advice, and make meaningful connections. While we enjoyed the virtual versions that replaced the live events which were canceled in 2020, nothing beats the real thing.

We had a full stand to exhibit our solutions and host meetings with partners and clients at Ukrainian Gaming Week on 14-15 September, SBC Barcelona on 21-24 September, iGB from 28 September to 1 October, Sigma on 15-19 November, and SBC Summit CIS on 13-14 October.

And odds are you ran into one of our delegates at one of a long list of other events:

  • Uzbekistan iGaming Affiliate Conference, 9 November
  • IFX Expo Dubai, 19-20 May
  • iGaming Next, 20-21 October
  • Cyprus Gaming Show, 4-6 October
  • iGathering Belgrade, 14 September
  • IFX Expo Cyprus, 5-6 September
  • iGathering Riga, 26 August
  • Affiliate Grand Slam Dubai, 25-26 May
  • Russian Gaming Week, 27 April
  • Georgia Gambling Conference, 15 April
  • TES Affiliate Conference Prague, 10-13 September
  • Gaming Industry Kyiv, 24-26 November
  • Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference, 3 November
  • SBEA and SBWA, 18-19 November

To be honest, after all that traveling, we might just stay home for New Year’s Eve.

How does 2022 look?

For us and our partners, 2021 was undoubtedly a success. We introduced a new product, entered new markets, added 31 providers to our network, and expanded our team to over 200 passionate professionals. Despite the pandemic, we have a lot to be grateful for, and plenty of reasons to look forward to 2022.

Happy New Year from all of us at Slotegrator, and may 2022 be even better than 2021!

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