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Slotergator visited a presentation held by the Ukraine Gaming Association (UGA)

November 17, 2016
3 min

On November 16, Kiev media center belonging to the information agency “Ukrainian news”, held a grand press conference dedicated to the presentation delivered by the Ukraine Gaming Association (UGA). The said event gained attention of various audiences including famous experts from the area of legal control over gambling business.

Actual members of the Association dwelled upon the main targets of the newly formed non-governmental organization and passed on to the participants the basics of legalization of gambling business in Ukraine.

Irina Sergienko, the current president of the UGA, pointed out that this association is an independent non-governmental organization functioning without any reference to corporate funding, and is not promoting, or will ever be promoting someone´s interests.

«We are convinced, that the market of the gambling industry, as well as the whole industry itself, has to be regulated in compliance with the world´s best practices and, above all, taking into the account national interests. The current development of the gambling market can be characterized as highly spontaneous, and its development, taking place far beyond the reach of actual legislation, is something, that has to be stopped. Once this question is solved, everybody will benefit from it, including the government, the society, and the business itself».

The vice president of UGA, Alexey Yevchenko, focused on elaboration of a special set of rules for socially responsible functioning of all the companies of the gambling industry in Ukraine.

«According to the data provided by the Ministry of Finances of Ukraine for the past couple of years, taxation and legalization of the gambling business might instantly produce around 2-5 bill. hrn. Regulations over the gambling industry will also give a serious impulse for the development of adjacent industries such as tourism, hospitality business, IT business, real estate market, consulting business, horse breeding and hippodromes».

In the same way, one of the members of the board of the UGA expert council, Alina Pliusch, announced, that the whole body of the council is passing through its formation stage. In order to ensure that, many negotiations are held both between local and international experts. The majority of them have already given the green light.

Slotegrator’s crew of experts, in its turn, attended the said conference. Denis Dzubenko, aggregator’s Brand Manager, talked to many of the participants of the event regarding prospects of the gambling industry in Ukraine.

«Legalization of gambling business in Ukraine has always been a question that seems more an “empty talk” than something serious. Foreign investors are waiting for this industry to be legalized, as well as the members of the newly created Association. It was quite cool to see Evgeniy Kachalov among the actual members of the board, provided that he’s a world´s poker star. Evgeniy is forced to pay taxes benefiting other countries while taking part in renowned poker tournaments. Due to legalization of gambling, it will be possible to do here, at home».

Denis also commented on the future of legalization of casinos in Ukraine and the expected time of its accomplishing.

«Legalization of the gambling business is more than real. However, it is hard to predict the timescales. I believe, that it might happen not earlier than in 2017, or even later. I do hope, that activities and steps made by the Ukraine Gaming Association will speed up the whole pace of the process and due to the global practices the expected changes will finally happen».

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