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Spain’s Online Gambling Brings 1.5 Million Euros per Day

November 13, 2017
1 min

Spain’s online gambling market generated over 140 million euros within 3 month – as reported by the local gambling regulator of Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego.

According to the estimate given, the operators’ revenue increased more than one third (37%) in comparison with analogical period of summer in 2016. At the same time, advertising expenses dropped by 3% while bonus costs decreased by 18%.

Betting companies turned the most remarkable profit of 77 million euros (37% growth), online casinos – nearly 44 million euros (+54%), roulette – 9 million euros (+91%), blackjack – over 5.5 million euros (+40%).

There was a strong growth of 30% (up to 3 million euros) in the bingo sector. Poker also demonstrated a traditional increase by 6.8% (up to 14.7 million euros).

For purposes of comparison with Q2 of the following year, we note that online gambling growth was almost 17%.

Recall: on July, Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal entered an agreement on shared online poker liquidity.

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