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Summing up the Bitcoin casino year of activity: 1.5 million cryptocurrency bets

March 30, 2017
1 min

According to the Bitcoin Trip newsportal, in 2016 Bitcoin casino received a record amount of cryptocurrency – 1.5 million bets. Bitcoin was used as the main means of payment while other currencies were converted into the cryptocurrency at current exchange rates.

According to the analysts, gamblers made 9.73 million bets totaling over 1.447.420 BTC due to the annual Bitcoin casinos figures published later this month. At the same time, the average bet turned out to be a quite small - 0.00014876 BTC, and depositors' income reached 5000 BTC.

In the course of the year, 309 bets were made every second, where the average rate was 2.75 BTC. The largest volume was recorded on January 2017 (9584 BTC), and the smallest - on February (556 BTC).

The minimum value is caused by the critical situation on the Bitcoin market on February 22, when the hackers tried to conduct a huge number of unconfirmed transactions and, as a result, crashed the market.

The average annual income of Bitcoin depositors amounted only BTC 0.574, which is incommensurate with the incomes of standard gambling establishments, nevertheless, the indicators demonstrates a tremendous growth.

Massive exodus of gamblers to the cryptocurrency testifies that Bitcoin has hardwired into the market as a means of payment. The analysts attribute its popularity to the absence of restrictions on the size of transactions. Cryptocurrency has become an ideal tool for microstackes.

The network successfully operates over a hundred large Bitcoin casinos, and a number of similar resources are rapidly growing. The total capitalization of gambling houses using crypto currency has reached 30 billion, annually increasing not less than 10%.

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