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Table 10 – partner Slotegrator

August 25, 2016
5 min

Representatives of Table 10: «Graphics, mechanics, performance stability are the pride of our software»

Slotegrator continues its active collaboration with the manufacturer of gambling content for virtual casinos,Table 10.Team of the aggregator has decided to talk to representatives of Table 10 and find out all peculiarities and advantages of the company related tothe software they produce.

Will you please tell something about the history of Table 10?

The history of our company began in 2013. During the period of Table 10’s existence team members have changed lots of times, and it took shape only in autumn, last year. Some games were revamped for 2-3 times, but nevertheless it can safely be said that high qualification of our specialists can be observed at all working stages. Currentdevelopmentteamhasgainedareputationofthebest functional link in the chain ofTable 10’s product development.

What table games from Table 10are the most popular among online casino operators?

The most popular game is Pool 8. It can be primarily explained by the popularity of the game itself among gamblers, and also thanks to operators who are striving to expand their assortment and add various multiplayer online games to their casino lobbies. I would like to note that our product stands out against rivals in terms of interface design and performance. Currently, there are several orders for Narde, and we have been actively working on it lately.

What audience do you target first of all?

We focus on the English-speaking audience, all games and the system itself are localized in English by default. When required, we will be able to adapt content to any user market. In general, we would like to get leading positions among manufacturers of analogue online games in the Western market.

Are there any peculiarities that distinguish Table 10’s games from rivals? What are they?

Good graphics, realistic mechanics, stable performance and many other things are making us feel proud about Table 10. Thorough elaboration of details, extensive testing and reconciliation with international standards make our games more attractive for customers.

We apply custom-tailored approach to provided customer support service, efficiently solve issues connected with system activity, offer our customers an opportunity to introduce amendments to the design, and to order additional game functionality. All these things certainly favorably distinguishTable 10 from competitors.

Will you please tell us how are games fromTable 10 created?

Our developers don’t just stick to the realization of technical specification, they are able to think and implement the best solutions in the market. Multi-tasking ability of our specialists allows saving time on solving unnecessary questions, you can rest assured that every part of work will be fulfilled with high-quality and will be tested before it is sent for testing to the customer. Developed creative skills of the team ensure the most accuratedevelopment of the design and product logic with allowance for all technological nuances of the system.

Do you have a favourite game in the Table 10 portfolio?

I like Pool 8 very much. Looking back on my school years, when such mobile games just began to appear, I recollect that we wanted to see something special, feel the online game component that will make it as close to reality as possible. I think we have managed to realize it by means of thoroughly elaborated game play mechanics, as well as possibility to optimize the game to your liking.

I also like Narde with its centuries-old history, excitement and necessity of strategic thinking. Currently, the project of the game undergoes its developmentalstage, and will be added to the portfolio of Table 10 in the nearest future.

What new trends have drawn your attention lately?

First of all, the development of HTML5 technology, and refusal to use Flash for such games, as well as optimization of games for mobile devices. In view of the latest trends we have boosted efforts to ensure advanced interaction between separate integrations in order to provide additional functionality at a more global level. Market competition is rapidly growing, that’s why originality is getting more important, and we are putting focus on it.

What are your plans for the nearest future?

Today our priority is to form a package of 6 high-quality and smoothly running games, namely: Pool 8, Three Card Poker, Seka, Dominoes, Texas Hold`em Poker and Narde; to perform massive code refactoring; to begin moving games from the outdated technology Flash to HTML5; and to provide additional functionality in the form of tournaments.

We are also planning to launch a new advertising website, where potential customers will be able to deeply feel and experience peculiarities, quality and atmosphere ofTable 10 games.

How do you envision the further cooperation with Slotegrator Company?

We have been fruitfully working with Slotegrator for a long time, and taking into consideration the active growth of our project, I believe that our partnership will be expanding.

In terms of cooperation our main task is to provide high-quality products for aggregator. In return we receive support and assistance at all stages of Table 10 project development.

In conclusion

It should be noted that Table 10 focuses onthe development of table games for online casinos. Its collection of games includes such popular products as poker, billiards, seka, dominoes, narde.

Table 10’s software is produced with allowance for innovative trends in gambling sector. Casino products have a high level of security and advanced risk management frameworks.

Slotegrator recommends gambling content from Table 10 to online casino operators and especially to beginners in gambling business that need to attract potentially active gamblers and retain the audience with appealing and high-technology products.

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