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The interview with Asia Live Tech Company

November 17, 2016
8 min

Slotegrator – one of the leading providers of digital solutions for online casinos has recently announced the signing of a contract with a new widely known Asian provider Asia Live Tech. This developer belongs to a holding company named Dragon City International which is currently running a number of online casinos on the Asian gambling market.

The product line offered by Asia Live Tech is rather varied and stands out due to its high technological characteristics, innovative approach and the way it matches with current trends. All of these qualities make this product line highly sought among online casino operators.

Apart from traditionally popular Asian gambling content such as Baccarat, Sic Bo, Dragon and Tiger presented in different versions, the company also offers exotic Asian games like Xoc Dia and Fan Tan. Parallel with the Asian theme the game line of this developer includes traditional solutions such as roulette, slot machines, various lotteries, betting solutions and Keno. What makes this product line so unique is its Live integrated innovation technology or so called Live casinos implying live interaction with a dealer and also phone betting.

Here are some of the ideas from Asia Live Tech representative who shared with Slotegrator some of the plans for the future and perspectives of online gambling on different markets.

How do you do! We would like to express once again our gratitude in connection with our fruitful collaboration which allows different operators of the European and Eastern European markets to create a greater variety of game products with day - by - day more exciting storylines. We hope that our conjoint projects will find even more admirers on the new markets.

Well, we are doing fine, especially these days. Business is growing and we can thank Slotegrator for this!

Please, tell us how did you come up with an idea of expanding the market? What areas does the company plan to overtake? And why is it targeted primarily at them?

Expanding has always been one of our main goals. iGaming is an industry where things keep evolving. There is always a new technology, a new game coming out and it is up to us to keep track of them to stay at the top. These days, slots are our focus. Slots are the crowd puller and it is very important to keep providing a great catalogue when it comes to them. Henceforth, we enhance our slots catalogue. We will keep you updated on this.

What makes European and Eastern European markets so attractive? What are their potential possibilities?

The cultural aspect of Europe and the Eastern European region is unique. Nobody is the same; you only have to look at the many different languages to see that. It limits competition and allows the keen and willing entrepreneurs and companies to get their share. Respect your customers and offer solutions or products adapted to their language, culture and quality standards and you cannot fail.

What kind of markets, apart from already mentioned, would you like to discover and work on?

We are looking to bridge the gap between Europe and Asia by targeting the Middle East in the future. It is chockfull of underrated markets with high purchasing power people, looking for good and honest entertainment, once again respectful of their culture, language and beliefs. Realizing that and owning the means to access them represents 50% of the work.

What makes markets of the developing countries such as Africa and Latin America so attractive?

These continents are the new iGaming frontier. Rising economically and demographically, with access to the Internet improving every day, it will not be long until someone has the good idea to provide an online casino adapted to what they’re looking for. It is always the same story, no matter where you stand in the world. You still have to study the market first though. No clutching at straws here.

The gaming product line introduced by Asia Live Tech is pretty wide. Seems like particularly well thought and well targeted are traditional Asian games such as Baccarat, Sic Bo, Dragon and Tiger.

Definitely. We started in Asia and our catalogue reflects that. They are the best to target the Asian markets. Or any customer around the world who came from Asia for that matter. Whenever there is a large enough Asian community to target in the country of his choice, the iGaming operator should think of us. Sic Bo from China, Dragon Tiger from Indochina, Xoc Dia from Vietnam, the Punto Banco version of Baccarat, very popular in Asia… They are what you need to enhance your business. They certainly were what we needed to enhance ours.

Are you planning to expand the product line in the next 1-2 years?

Yes, always. Unfortunately, we cannot talk about it yet. Stay tuned!

You seem to know the Asian market more than anyone else. Could you, please, dwell upon its current trends and distinctive features in terms of online gambling?

The distinctive features would be the Asian table games. The games we mentioned before, such as Sic Bo, Xoc Dia or Dragon Tiger, but also Belangkai, Fan-Tan, Bai Buu and others, are very specific to the market. They are what people are introduced with when they go to a casino for the first time, either at the border or in a gambling haven like Macau. They have their games, adapted to their culture, and they are less interested by Poker or Blackjack, even if it is getting off the ground these days. Sports’ betting is also one of these trends, but that is a worldwide story. Everyone loves sports, and everyone has a team to cheer on, either local or national.

What are the most distinctive features and tendencies of the European and Eastern European markets, from your point of view? What are the similarities between them and what makes them different?

The similarities can be found in sports. Following the same championships and cups, European and Eastern European markets meet each other on a regular basis. Poker is also wildly appreciated among these countries, meaning you cannot go wrong with that product. Mani Westerners and Russian-speaking people share a passion for this card game, allowing many strategies, providing many thrills and nurturing their gambling passion with each match. Concerning their differences, beyond the languages we dwelt on a bit before, they are mostly represented by the difference in purchasing power, meaning that as far as everyone appreciates Poker, not all of them can bet the same amount. For example, the barrier must be lowered for Eastern European markets to reach the maximum amount of people.

I would like to put a separate question concerning such a popular Asian game as Baccarat. It is famous in Europe and Eastern European region, however, it has counterparts, for instance, Poker or Blackjack. What are the main features that make it stand out among the rest of the games and how can it conquer the market?

Baccarat is not only Asian. It is enjoyed worldwide. It was born in France and popular enough in Europe to become James Bond’s favorite game. It is the classiest game you can ever think of when it comes to casinos, something that Poker or Blackjack do not have. To further differentiate them, Baccarat is a game of chance, unlike Poker, which means even beginners can expect to win; and Blackjack, while very similar, can take quite long to happen. With Baccarat, you only need two cards to know right from the start what your chances. It is faster, easier, and allow with a fast rolling speed, so thrills can do the same.

What kind of currency is used in your games? Is there a possibility to play for score points and not for real money only? Is there a possibility to use crypto-currency, so called bit-coins, that are getting more and more popular these days?

While we have a focus on Asian currencies, as this is our main market, there is no real limitation. Any currency can be implemented as long as it exists. And of course, Bitcoins are accepted. Bitcoins are a digital currency you cannot ignore. Allowing full anonymity, it is your best bet to wager no matter where you are, without having to bother with creating a bank account or long processes to deposit or cash out. Bitcoins are popular because it is global, completely decentralized, fast and easy to use. As an iGaming expert, you can see what is the appeal for us.

The current use of languages in your games is only limited to English and various Asian tongues. Can Russian language as well as the rest of European languages add up to that list?

Definitely. As we said before, any language can be implemented as long as someone shows an interest for it. After all, the only problem we face is to find a good translator for the job. Our platform is very versatile on that regard.

Phone betting seems to be an extremely attractive option as long as it doesn’t have any analogues. Could you, please, tell us more about it? Is it possible to introduce this technology to European and Russian-speaking customers?

Our versatility does not stop with languages. Phone betting can indeed be introduced to European and Russian customers. They can call our Asian numbers to be in contact with our Dealers, or we can set up a new platform with a local number if there is enough demand.

How does Asia Live Tech company plan to develop partnership with Slotegrator? What are your projections? What is going to be the main point of mutual focus?

Profit of course. But profit can only be achieved through quality, good services, humility, honesty and care. We can learn a lot from each other and that is why not only we are looking for a long and friendly relationship, but our products will be available on Slotegrator as soon as they are finished by our developers and experts.

Thank you very much for the interesting conversation. Good luck in business!

And good luck to you as well!

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