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The Interview with Habanero Company

November 30, 2016
8 min

One of the leading providers of digital solutions for online gambling Slotegrator has recently signed a contract with a new provider known as Habanero which is a worldwide manufacturer of slot machines for online casinos. Since then Slotegrator’s clients got a chance to broaden the range of their products with variously themed brand-new slots which are likely to be admired by numerous gamblers.

The developer Habanero continuously introduces high-quality slots games in HTML5 that allows successful and swift operation on any existing platform of the mobile devices as well as on desktops.

The range of slots is extremely diverse and stands out due to its original design, high resolution graphics and ambient sound. Moreover, Habanero’s products support all types of currencies and over 20 different languages which make them simply bestselling.

Habanero’s main mission is all about not overcomplicating simple things, immediate reaction and prompt decision making. This September Habanero introduced a range of gimmicks such as Oceans Call, Gangsters, 12 Zodiaks, Roman Empire, FaCaiShen. And when it comes to the exhibition EiG that was held in the middle of October, the company presented their new game called Jugglenaut.

Here are some of the ideas from Habanero representative who shared with Slotegrator some of the plans for the future and perspectives of their mutual collaboration in the area of online gambling on different markets…

How do you do! We would like to thank you once again for the collaboration and we hope that our mutual projects will find their sincere admirers on the new markets. Could you, please, tell us what is going to be the main forcing factor for the expansion of the online gambling market? What is going to happen with slots and table games in the nearest future?

As with the internet of everything we believe that brick and mortar business will continually migrate online, and online ecommerce will continually grow as consumers become more comfortable with transactions online. Thus, riding on this trend, we are likely to see an expansion of the online gambling market, as brick and mortar players move online.

Slots and table games will however have to evolve to cater to the coming of age of the internet generation (people born into a world already interconnected with internet, 20+ year old and younger), as well ass the Gen X, 30+ years olds, who are aging and moving into their prime income earning years, RNG slots and table manufacturers will have to cater game themes that this generation of spenders can relate to.

At Habanero, we feel that mobility and a simple user interface are critical in targeting both the Gen Xs and Internet Generations.

By the end of 2016, we will have 100% of our games in HTML5, thus ALL of our 130+ games can be played on the mobile. By percentage comparison there is no other RNG slots manufacture in the market who has 100% of their games in a mobile playable format.

What are the main markets that Habanero’s gambling content is targeted at? What are the areas that you find more challenging and have the greatest potential?

Asia is currently our largest market followed by Africa and Europe.

Our biggest challenge is to create games which might have localized themes and yet is global in nature.

Our games vary greatly in design, as we place in utmost effort into research and design of our games. We don’t simply clone our games and have different “skins”. Every single one of our games are unique with bespoke graphics and math for each game.

What are the main steps that you want to make in the nearest future towards broadening of your product range on the already existing markets? As you know, already existing markets are full of competitors and gamblers have already well - established tastes…

At Habanero we believe in quality over quantity. As mention earlier we don’t simply clone our games and have different “skins”. Every single one of our games are unique with bespoke graphics and math for each game. Thus we will be only adding one new high quality slot game every 4-6weeks.

For the experienced gamblers, they will know if a game has been cloned, the graphic might have changed, but the math is the same.

Thus I feel that our new games every month with unique content, math and payout tables will be of great interest to these gamblers.

What is so appealing in the markets of the developing countries such as Africa and Latin America?

I see great untapped potential for these continents; and Habanero is continuously looking for operators and aggregators to partner with in entering these markets.

Does Habanero have any specific proposals for the Asian market taking into consideration its distinctive features?

In the past 2 years, Habanero has established itself as a strong contender in Asia, and is now raked amongst the top RNG slots provider in Asia.

Being directly integrated (via operators) or indirectly integrated via aggregators; Habanero has over 600 unique websites in Asia carrying our games, Habanero is here to stay in Asia.

The way to succeed in Asia is to understand the culture, speak the language and to be present having a base of operations here.

What are, from your point of view, the main features of the European and Eastern European markets? What makes them similar or differs them from the rest of the markets?

I think the European and Eastern European players are more educated and mature as they have been exposed to online gambling for the longest period of time as compared to the other markets. As such the “do not suffer fools”; they demand high quality, bugs free games, with certified RNGs, high resolution images and immersive sounds. Simply put, only the best will do.

It is well-known that slots are your main field of business. Currently clients are able to choose from more than 70 games. The majority of them are made for HTML5, but all the old games, so called old school games support Flash format. Does the company plan to modernize the old games in order to adapt them to HTML5 platform and why?

Yes, currently we are in the process of converting all our flash games to HTML5.

By the end of 2016 all of our games will be in HTML5.

What is mostly requested in slots these days? What kind of technical and graphical solutions Habanero is planning to introduce and implement in the nearest future?

I personally feel that there is no “magic bullet” for this industry. There is not going to be a “killer app” that will conquer the industry or a new game that every single slots player will love. Some players like low volatility games some high high volatility, some like Asian style themes (FaCaiShen), some like classical European theme (Roman Empire). What Habanero has pledged itself to do is to make, create and innovate. We will experiment with different styles, different math models and volatility and themes to ensure every one of our games are unique, so as to created a broad base of games, to cater to every type of slots players out there.

Apart from slot Habanero has also board games in the range of its products for online casinos such as Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Pocker, Rolette, Baccara and Sic Bo. Are there any plans to amplify the range of games?

Currently we will just be focused on making new slots games.

The main striking feature of your games is that they support different types of currency. What are the main types of those currencies? Is there a possibility to play for score points and not for real money only? Is there a possibility to use crypto-currency, so called bit-coins, that are getting more and more popular these days?

We support every single currency in the world; and yes we support bitcoins too.

However, we have no desire to move into the social gaming “points based” space.

The second distinctive feature of products by Habanero is that they support various languages. What are the languages available currently? Is it possible to add up more to that list?

We support 21 languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Korean, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish and Cambodian. And yes we are stll adding to that list.

What are your predictions for the tendencies on the online-gambling market in the following 2-3 years? What kind of areas are going to develop faster than the rest? What are going to lose their popularity? And what trends are going to change?

Mobility mobilitymobility. It is all about the mobile platform in 2 years’ time. No one will be talking about download and flash anymore. And the games makers who cannot catch up with technology and make fast loading HTML5 games with great graphics and immersive sounds and a simple to understand user interface will be left in the dust.

How Habanero is planning to develop its partnership with Slotegrator? What will be your projections? What are you going to focus on first in your mutual collaboration?

The partnership will see Slotegrator Ltd. integrate Habanero’s HTML5 desktop and mobile titles into its platform, which will be offered to operators primarily in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent states, including Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Ukraine. We are very happy to be on Slotegrator, such a highly recognized brand name with such a strong presence in the region. We hope to leverage on Slotegrator’s branding and market knowledge to bring Habanero games into the Commonwealth of Independent states, including Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Ukraine.

Thank you very much for a great conversation! Good luck in business!

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