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Three, two, one, now! Slotegrator announces Gambling Game results

March 30, 2018
2 min

And here is what are we waiting for! Today Slotegrator celebrates its 6th birthday, accepts greetings and gladly hands out gifts! On March 1, in honor of such an occasion, we came up with a unique Gambling Game. Throughout the month, everyone who wished could show their worth and demonstrate how cool they are at knowing the gambling industry. Each participant was offered to pass 5 levels and answer 25 questions of different difficulty: from beginner to advanced. In the nameplate below, you can see how points are calculated for each level:

Level 1 2 3 4 5 Total
Number of questions 5 5 5 5 5 25
Number of points per question 1.0 2.5 4.0 5.5 7.0
Total points per level 5.0 12.5 20 27.5 35 100

Our talented participants have shown impressive intellectual preparation, answering tricky questions about important terms, key dates, events, and people in the world of gambling. Many of them have coped perfectly with the tasks, so it was not easy to choose the winners. But still, we have decided three leaders. You can check out the full table here: So, the curtain opens, the pressure is on... Meet the winners of Gambling Game from Slotegrator: 1st place – Edd, who wins an online casino custom logo, style, and design development. 2nd place - Michael McDermott, becomes the owner of a 50% discount on exclusive slot creation. 3rd place – Richard Beach, gets an integration of games from the top 8 providers without a setup fee. We sincerely congratulate the three lucky men and thank all the participants for sharing such a valuable holiday with us and joining the Game! Taking this opportunity, we remind you: to receive the prizes, the winners should contact the Slotegrator managers through the e-mail address [email protected] Can't wait to find out the right answers to all the game questions? Then follow our news! Very soon, we will publish this information in the Blog section on our site. Despite the fact that the prize draw is over, you still can access the game by the link Now you can check your knowledge of online gambling at any time!

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