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A Ukrainian gambler Oleg Vasylchenko won a WPT top-level tournament held in Prague

December 21, 2016
2 min

An event known as WPT Main Tour Prague, hosted by PartyPoker, gathered around 167 gamblers in spite of a huge registration fee accounting for € 3300. Due to such a quantity of buy- ins, the total bankroll made up around half a million euro. The competition lasted for four days and, as a result, only six competitors reached the finish line, among them we should mention a gambler from Ukraine, Oleg Vasylchenko. In terms of this tournament, Tonio Reder from Germany and Anton Petrov acted as his main competitors.

Regardless of quite unfortunate circumstances, Petrov took the leading position thanks to his shrewd gambling strategy and managed to wait until the German player was eventually out of the game. However, while the heads – up session, the Lady Luck was more favorable to the Ukrainian gambler. Only eight hands rounds predetermined the finale of the competition. Oleg Vasylchenko came out victorious gaining €132200.

For the record: along with the said tournament in Prague, the world witnessed the commencement of one of the major events of the season - WPT Five Diamonds World Poker Classic, held in Las Vegas. The first gambling day collected around $10400 made up by 519 registration fees. This kind of event called upon various poker stars, for instance, Phillip Jerome Hellmuth, Brian Rast and Daniel Negreanu. The competition for the first prize lasted around six days in a row.

We should note, that despite the victory in a top- level competition in Prague, Oleg Vasylchenko is not able to gamble in his own country. Such limitation is connected with the official ban imposed on gambling by the Ukrainian legislation.

Representing Ukraine on the international tournaments, gamblers are forced to pay taxes to the treasury of another government. After gambling business is officially legalized, it will become possible to do in his own country.

The problem of legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine was raised during the presentation of the UGA (Ukraine Gaming Association). Many of the leading experts of the current gambling regulation took part in this important for the gambling industry event. Read more about the said presentation here.

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