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This month in iGaming: March 2023

March 30, 2023
2 min

Belgium bans gambling ads and Germany sees impressive channelization

Belgian authorities ban gambling ads

A royal decree in Belgium is set to ban gambling advertising in the country.

There are a few exceptions. The national lottery will still be allowed to advertise, and there will be limited sports betting advertising; licensees can broadcast sponsorship messages, but they cannot be longer than five seconds, there can be no more than two an hour, and they must only appear in the 15 minutes before and after a match.

Starting on January 1, 2025, gambling advertisements will not be allowed in sports stadiums. The Belgian Gaming Commission has made its reservations known, stating that it’s possible the restrictions could create an opening for the black market to swoop in and steal unsuspecting players.

The Belgian Association of Gaming Operators has also criticized the ban, as well as a draft law that would limit bonuses and raise the gambling age to 21.

The new restrictions will apply from July 1, 2023.


Germany’s transition to a regulated market was subjected to intense scrutiny.

With low deposit limits, low bet limits, waiting times between spins, many wondered if it was even possible for a market to operate under such strict conditions. Complaints from operators were loud and numerous.

But it turns out you shouldn’t underestimate the strength of the German economy (or, perhaps, German citizens’ famous love of rule-following). According to a recent report from German regulator GGL, 95% of bets in the country are placed on legal websites.

The impressive channelization rate likely comes as a surprise to the most vocal detractors of the country’s regulations, who predicted that the €1000-per-month deposit limit and €1-per-spin limit would drive players to the black market.

While regulations in the country are strict compared to other markets, it should be noted that the government is not necessarily permeated by anti-gambling sentiment; a court in Bavaria ruled this month that a requirement for betting shops to be at least 250 meters from schools was likely in violation of European Union

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