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We always look for the aesthetics and the right approach for every occasion to find our own identity

February 26, 2020
6 min

Although Triple Cherry is a relatively new game developer in the gambling industry, it doesn’t mean that the company has not made its mark. Founded by a group of industry veterans with profound knowledge in the industry, the company has grown very quickly and has gained a reputation as one of the most inventive developers on the market.

Juan Antonio Galindo, Triple Cherry’s CEO and Co-Founder, says that the company’s identity “distinguishes itself from its competition in the use of 3D technology for the creation of online slots”. Moreover, behind every game, there’s a complete story that acts as a so-called bridge between real life and the game’s plot, which only makes the company’s games more unique and alluring.

Let’s put it straight, as a very young developer, Triple Cherry had to come up with something extraordinary in order to take its place in the industry. 3D technologies and a variety of mini-games for slots have become the developer’s true calling in creating absolutely new and fresh gaming experience. To be fair, Triple Cherry’s team had initially seen 3D technologies and mini-games as their brand’s signature, as most of the games from this developer are mainly directed towards young adults, who are always in touch with the internet and the latest technological trends.

With their knowledge of the European market, the company’s key target is to reach its peak in Europe and expand its influence in Spain and Latin America.

To learn how to transcend any and all boundaries, we talked with the CEO and Co-Founder of Triple Cherry, Juan Antonio Galindo, who walked us through every aspect of the company’s process for creating slots and, also shared his outlook for the industry.

Slot Creation

Testing existing products helps us to guide ourselves.

Looking at Triple Cherry’s slots, it’s incredibly intriguing to get some insights into the company’s approach to slot creation.

What we try to pursue when we begin the development of a new slot is to offer something different and unique. That is why we brainstorm small concepts that are slowly taking shape. This helps us to look for a theme and to improve previous ideas and make sense of them, and also to discard a few.

How do you choose the themes for your games?

We think of the audience we want to reach. For example, with Saint Fermin, we tried to please an international audience with a very popular Spanish party and get rid of the typical image of that party. That is why we look for an aesthetic close to what is usually seen in video games or animated films and we decided to do it in 3D. We always look for the aesthetics and the right approach for every occasion to find our own identity.

Many of your games have a classic slot theme with a modern twist, like a fruit slot in a modern dance club. How do you decide what kind of twist to put on the theme?

There are a lot of people doing very good slot games and to stand out among all of them is to look for that differentiating point that makes you shine. Therefore, what better place to have a slot machine than in a music pub? Surely people really enjoy these concepts.

Your slots have 3D technologies, amazing themes, appealing twists and turns… and, no doubt, quite distinctive music and sound effects. Tell us more about this fabulous part of your games!

I'm glad they got your attention! For us, the musical part of a product like slots is essential to have a complete experience. Therefore, we always discuss what would be the correct approach to make the player of our machines feel comfortable and at the same time different from the rest.

It’s hard not to notice that many of your slots feature minigames. Is there a reason behind that?

Currently, we are living in a very interesting moment: the world of electronic leisure is becoming massive, reaching people who were previously unthinkable. Much of that audience has experience in video games from other markets, and it is precisely to approach them in this way that makes us include in our slots different mechanics such as minigames.

Then, where does the inspiration for your slots come from?

Testing existing products helps us to guide ourselves, but, to be honest, it is the personal experiences of the team and the union of ideas that ultimately inspire us. It is the teamwork.

The Industry

... the use of technology in three very important in order to be at the forefront of new technologies in the iGaming industry.

Many people consider this to be a great time to be getting started as a developer in the iGaming industry. From your personal perspective, why do people say that?

Because it is an industry that is constantly growing. Sports betting and online casinos have grown significantly among the Spanish public. Reviewing the annual data for last year, the amounts played by online bettors exceeded 17 million euros, and the gross income of the online sector touched 700 million euros.

The growth couldn’t be reached without changes. What are the biggest and most crucial ones which the industry is going through right now?

Since the late 90s, the gambling and betting sector has been increasing its online presence by offering numerous alternatives to fans: casino games, poker, bingo, sports betting, etc. The gaming industry in Spain has also experienced the trend towards digitalization since the beginning of the last decade, when many companies in the sector started to be on the Internet, and Triple Cherry was attracted by this.

Speaking of trends, what would you define as the most important one for now?

As we have commented previously, we consider the use of technology in three dimensions for the design of animations, symbols, characters, etc. to be very important in order to be at the forefront of new technologies in an industry such as iGaming.

Now we’re talking about the industry in general. Let me address a concrete question to you: what does Triple Cherry bring to the iGaming sector that no one else can?

Triple Cherry brings to the sector a variety of slot games with imaginative designs, attractive maths and great music designed in detail for each of its games. In addition, each slot is very different from the previous one. All of them have their particularities and minigames that make the game more interesting and entertaining.

Point taken! With the portfolio Triple Cherry has, no one can argue with that. And the last question is our traditional one: where do you see the iGaming industry going in the near future?

The future of the iGaming industry is in the verification of identity and the protection of players and fraud through artificial intelligence. Each click on a website of a player online is recorded for legal reasons, and this data, if used and combined with the use of artificial intelligence, could allow the development of new predictive behavior models in order to help keep the game safe and fair.

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