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Our Inspiration Is The Combination of Classics and New Trends

August 14, 2019
5 min

Platipus has been a leading online slot developer since its foundation in 2014. The game studio, which focuses on HTML5 slots, stays ahead of the curve by studying trends in technology and consumer behavior. They use the results of their analysis to create some of the most technically advanced slots on the market and tailor them to the tastes of fun-loving players. While online slots make up the bulk of Platipus’ catalog, they have also started to branch out into other casino games like Blackjack and Baccarat.

Platipus offers over 100 slot and casino games, with themes ranging from ancient mythology to exotic animals to fairy tales. Platipus’ main focus at the moment is the fast-growing Asian market. This positioning is apparent in the graphics, features, and themes in many of their recent slot releases, which are geared towards Asian audiences. However, Platipus continues to offer products, services, and support to operators in markets all around the world.

Slotegrator sat down with Platipus CEO Martijn Peters to find out how the studio manages to stand out in such a crowded field.

Slot creation

Slotegrator: How do you come up with slot topics and storylines?

Martijn Peters: The idea can come from anywhere. The inspiration comes either from popular themes in the market or topics which are well-liked in certain regions we are focusing on.

S: Do some current trends inspire you or do you prefer to stick to classics while creating slots?

MP: We get inspired by a combination of classics and new trends, which brings the player both the feeling of familiarity with a game and new features which trigger the players and make them curious.

S: How often do game developers need to release games to stay successful?

MP: Staying successful and keeping players close to your products requires at least 1 new game release per month, and preferably 2 new launches, which is what Platipus strives to keep doing.

S: Do you have any tips for beginners in slot creation, like what to start with and what aspects to keep in mind?

MP: Setup is important, meaning a solid and certified RNG. After that, start creating slots. The best format would be HTML5, as this is the default requirement to enable players to play on any device.

S: Could you share the stages of slot creation? What do you start with and what are the main steps during the process?

MP: At Platipus it starts with a game idea and theme, defining the game features and from there the artwork and matching sound creation. After assembling the game, there is a lot of QA, and finally, the slot is moved to production.

S: How do you create a slot that will appeal to both beginning players and high rollers?

MP: Math which combines the involvement of the player all the time in the game and substantial wins with high volatility.

Slot Promotion

S: What are your strategies to inspire new gamblers to play your slots?

MP: Bonus spins and a generally appealing theme with a suitable design liked by the mainstream.

S: What are your game advertising tools and how do you promote new slots?

MP: We make marketing materials and a short intro about every product available to our operating partners, as well as providing bonus spins. The rest is up to our partners.

S: What should the slot have, so that players will choose it over all the other ones?

MP: Outstanding math, features, and art.

S: Do you think it is better to invent new features or provide popular ones to make a slot attractive?

MP: A combination of both is the best.

S: How successful are tournaments as a marketing tool?

MP: They’re probably a good marketing tool, although Platipus doesn’t provide this yet.

A Personal View on Slots

S: Which slot topics and storylines are the most popular among players?

MP: Classic themes about ancient kingdoms, wild animals and sea creatures.

S: How do you think the slot’s name influences its popularity?

MP: The slot name does not really make slots good or bad. It’s good to have a fantastic title, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

S: What is your most favorite slot from all the existing ones?

MP: Mostly the newest release, but in general I am crazy about Jade Valley.

S: Why do you think slots are so popular among gamblers?

MP: Because of the wish to reach the bonus game and the knowledge a big win can appear from out of the blue.

The Story of the Company

S: How have your slots changed over the years of your work? What is different in your features, storylines, creation process?

MP: By keeping up with the latest trends and newest developments in a market which changes constantly, keeping the focus on satisfying our players and keeping them loyal to our products because of the high quality and evolution. New features were created and added over the years and with some parts of the creative process we also make use of outsourced services (e.g. sound creation).

S: How has the gambling market changed and developed since you entered the online casino industry? What are the main differences you can name?

MP: The market has changed and is still changing due to the increasing number of game providers. This growing competition is raising the bar for all providers when it comes to game quality and ongoing innovation. Players benefit from this as it will keep any significant provider committed to maintaining these renewed high-quality standards.

S: Why did your company decide to focus on slots? Do you plan to introduce other types of games in the future and why?

MP: Slots are in our genes: the whole Platipus team has breathed slots for decades. This is what most of the Platipus staff have played and developed, and therefore it was an easy choice to start building slots according to what WE believed players would love and enjoy. Meanwhile, we’ve already added table games such as Blackjack and Baccarat and during this year we will release European and American roulette as well.

S: What are your plans for future development?

MP: Platipus will continue to produce revolutionary and challenging products by researching markets and trends. There will be a focus on global diversification in order to satisfy players according to their region with customized slots to fulfill local needs and habits.


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