Main reasons to legalize gambling business in Ukraine in 2019

Modern Ukrainians still remember slot machines placed everywhere — in underpasses, at bus stops, on markets, etc. At that time, the state could not control the flow of money and the problem of children addicted to gambling. That is why gambling was banned in Ukraine in mid-2009.

Only the state lotteries have not been banned, they operate thanks to the law of 2012. And let the signboard say that inside is a lottery, in fact, we have regular computers with casino gaming programs. Also, using the signs of national lotteries, the Illegal casinos work. The authorities are regularly closing such establishments but they appear in new places.

Despite past failures, the chances of gambling business legalization are very high this year. Now, there are more than 10 draft laws to bring the gaming business out of the shadow. The following factors became the basis for a possible positive solution:

  1. The IMF requirements. The signed Memorandum obliged Ukraine to legalize gambling business in 2018.
  2. Budget. All experts agree that gambling will bring Ukraine about UAH 5 billion in the budget.
  3. The new President. The President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky positively responded to the journalists' question about gambling business legalization and proposed to create the Ukrainian "Las Vegas."

Legalization is beneficial not only to the State Budget of Ukraine but also to Ukrainian gamblers The new law will establish an authority to control casinos work, including money turnover, and all possible violations that could affect the game results and thereby ensure the protection of players’ rights.