Georgian Parliament develops set of amendments to gambling taxation

It is expected that new developments will exempt operators from some taxes. At the same time, fees will increase and conditions for obtaining a permit for carrying out gambling activities will change as well.

The minimum and maximum fee for slots and gaming tables in Georgia is 50 thousand and 1 million GEL, respectively ($21.4 thousand and $428 thousand). Moreover, the fee for gaming equipment will be also changed. Quarterly operator shall pay $256-513 for each slot machine, and $6.5 – 12.5 thousand for a gaming table.

According to the draft on tax changes, the license will be valid for five years, and its cost will be set by local authorities. Today in Georgia you can obtain only annual permit for gambling activities. Its price depends on the location of gambling venue. The cost of a gambling license in the provinces is about $5 thousand and in megalopolis - $8.5 thousand.

It is difficult for Georgian Revenue Service to control gambling, that is why the authorities are engaged in the development and implementation of effective administration and casino management systems.

According to gambling experts, this system will drive SMEs to bankruptcy, and may also become a reason for moving to other regions with less severe legislation.

Mamuka Gugeshashvili, the member of Tbilisi City Council said that casinos should be located outside the city boundaries. Mr. Gugeshashvili also noted that as the result of recent tax changes gambling activities contributed $1.7 million to the state budget.

As previously reported, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is ready to support any bill on the legalization of gambling.

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