Italian gambling regulator to issue new licenses by September 18

According to European media resources, AAMS gaming regulator aims at issuing new licenses permitting online gambling in Italy starting from September 18. By September 25, AAMS is looking forward to finishing giving away permissions designed for 5 years of performance on the online gambling market (up to 2022).

The price for online gambling licenses in Italy accounts for €200 thousand euro, which is relatively cheap compared to the price of gambling permissions in other European countries.

Almost a third of requests will be satisfied and licensees will be issued to those operators who have already expired permissions of 2016. AAMS licensing system will cover such sectors of gambling business as:

  • Sports betting;
  • Cyber sports betting;
  • Fantasy sports;
  • Bingo;
  • Card games tournaments;
  • Casino games;
  • Cash games.

It was also informed that regulation of gambling operators won’t experience global changes in the near future.

Note please: according to data provided by the news agency Agimeg, in August of 2017 the Italian betting market showed relatively good results. Total sales revenue from land-based betting offices and the Internet rose to record 89% and reached €89 million. The online betting showed an increase of 108.6% up to €39 million. All licensed AAMS operators showed a steady increase in incomes during the reporting period, having achieved significant improvements in annual calculus.

On July 2017, gambling regulators of France, Italy, Spain and Portugal signed the agreement sharing the online poker liquidity.

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