Latest bills on sports betting in Indiana and Arizona faced resistance

This week has been quite eventful for two states of Indiana and Arizona in the context of the proposed bills regarding sports betting industry there. Having faced resistance of different levels, both documents, namely SB 552 in Indiana and SB 1163 in Arizona, are currently at the implementation stage. Let us review both in more detail.

Arizona SB 1163

On Tuesday, the State Senate’s Appropriations Committee approved the sports betting bill supported by Senator Sonny Borrelli. Arizona’s Senate Bill 1163 is designed to allow betting on sports at 24 tribal gambling houses. However, such establishments will also be required to install betting kiosks within their facilities, which faced tribal opposition during the Committee hearing. This is primarily because the legalization of sports betting shall be negotiated through tribal compacts, according to their belief, instead of through legislative body of the State.

Indiana SB 552

This week, Indiana’s State Senate has also passed the sports betting bill, SB 552, in order to facilitate casinos and racinos to offer live sports betting in Indiana. Facing a little resistance in the upper chamber, the bill was approved by the Senate during the third reading on Tuesday.

Recall that sports betting legalization has been considering since January at the initiative of two Republicans, Mark Messer and Jon Ford. Under the proposed language, Messer described Senate Bill 552 as a ‘once-in-a-generation’ opportunity to improve gambling industry in Indiana, namely, to allow riverboat casinos to move inland.

What to expect

While SB 1163 in Arizona has met negative feedback from local tribes, Indiana’s one also has found a resistance from politicians who are against the term of “gambling expansion” across the IN State. If both bills survive through all legislative hurdles, they will take effect during the ongoing year.

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