Online gambling can become a new source of budget replenishment

Nowadays Ukrainian officials pay special attention to virtual platforms that offer gambling entertainment. In the nearest future, there will probably be a regulatory and legal framework that will be capable to adequately regulate and control operators of this industry.

Back in the middle of June 2016, during the TV program ‘Game of Interests’ Ukrainian people's deputy Pavel Kishkar told that round $1 billion is paid to online gambling operators every day. And in the majority of cases the recipients are Russian financial structures, meaning that the budget of this country is replenished due to Ukrainian players.

Gambling expert Zoryana Toporetskaya believes that with a proper legal framework Ukrainian budget could be replenished with substantial tax liabilities. Everyone would win from this, starting from operators and players, and ending with officials and Ukrainian regulatory bodies.

‘With the help of regulated gambling market we could renew the culture of financing sports,’ says the Deputy Head of the VerkhovnaRada of Ukraine Committee, people's deputy Denis Silantjev. According to the official, unregulated gambling sector detrimentally affects not only the Ukrainian budget, but also players.

According to the latest data, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has renewed the efforts to coordinate the issue of permits to lottery operators. Slotegrator believes that it can be the first step towards obtaining long-awaited permits for lotto activities in Ukraine.

Experts believe that the adoption of legislative acts, that will be capable to regulate the lotto market and gambling activities, would bring significant investments in all sectors of Ukrainian state.

Legalization of gambling in Ukraine: will there be changes in the near future

Today online gambling platforms have become something bigger than a mere entertainment for teenagers. Virtual gambling institutions provide an opportunity to enjoy the inimitable atmosphere of land-based casinos thanks to integrated live and VR systems, which are gaining pace among gambling organizers and players.

People with average and above-average income are ready to spend significant sums every day, playing roulette, poker or slots. Assortment of online clubs provides an opportunity for everyone to find an appropriate pastime, which will bring the desired winnings and emotions.

Online gambling in Ukraine is becoming a more and more popular topic for discussion at themed events. Business platforms gather experts from different countries, politicians and officials, players and operators, providers and investors. The nearest meeting of gambling community will take place during Ukraine Gaming Congresson September 29.

The event will gather representatives of gambling industry from all over the world to discuss global issues of industry’s development and prospects, including legalization of land-based and online casinos on the territory of Ukrainian state. Slotegrator invites all interested players of the gambling market to attend this themed event. Do not miss one of the most large-scale gambling events of 2016!

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