Online gambling legalization will improve the Massachusetts economy – the state controller's opinion

📅 Updated 3 April, 2017 🕐 2min. 👁 4121
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The Gaming Commission of Massachusetts (MGC) announced the results of market research being undertaken during the last several months. The regulator believes that the online gambling validation will positively affect the state economy. In addition, it will allow levying taxes from the existing betting sites, and will also make Massachusetts a front-runner on the technology market.

State Senator Jennifer L. Flanagan shared her opinion on the issue with local media, having emphasized on the difficulty of remaining a competitive region in the fast-developing industry of gambling technologies. Decriminalization of the gambling Internet market could attract foreign developers to create and integrate a single unique technological product. This solution would allow Massachusetts to become a leader in the industry, leaving far behind its competitors.

The bill on the online gambling legalization, being a part of the draft law on the online lottery authorization, is under consideration by the local lottery commission. At this stage, the Massachusetts legislators need to determine which online games will comply within the legal framework. It's about games with instant winnings (scratch cards) and slot machines.

Deborah Goldberg, the State Treasurer of Massachusetts, intends to lobby the legalization of online gambling, promoting the relevant legislative standards in the lottery commission. The politician believes that the authorization of online gambling market will revive the lottery sector, engaging the youth to it.

According to the expert, it is expected a decline on the lottery market. Accordingly, this will lead to a decrease of treasure revenues, causing an economic crisis in the state.

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