Online Gambling will be legalized in Belarus

📅 Updated 29 March, 2017 🕐 1min. 👁 4404
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There are heated arguments about the online gambling legalization at the Belarusian Tax and Duties Ministry. Representatives of the gambling business and controlling bodies have actively participated in the discussion.

Larisa Shibko, the head of the Ministry’s Central Office for control over excisable goods, gambling business, and digital systems for merchandise sale, believes that the issue of legalization should be approached thoroughly, weighting out the pros and cons. According to the official, in some countries online gambling is allowed, while in others it is prohibited, and these fluctuations are not baseless.

The main obstacle to the online gambling legalization is considered as being a risk of involvement of minors in gambling. The second negative argument is about money laundering through this sphere.

Among the positive moments in favor of the online gambling legalization, the official called the understanding of the regulators that the reduction in the gambling segment results in smaller revenues to the state treasury of the republic, which is unacceptable during the crisis.

Let us remind that since early 2017 in Belarus the current base rate on bookmaker bets has increased 2.2 times.

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