RGA advocates for online gambling regulation in the EU countries

The European Commission has recently announced its intention to close all infringement cases concerning EU countries breaching gambling laws and start dealing only with the most serious violations.

Remote Gambling Association (RGA) does not agree with this decision and believes that it does not have the legal basis. Current regulations that prohibit or restrict free gambling in some countries conflict with the European laws. That is why, RGA, in the first place, encourages the Commission to consider this issue and strengthen the gambling regulation.

Clive Hawkswood, CEO of RGA said: “The existence of infringement proceedings and the Commission’s subsequent pressure on Member States to comply with EU law has helped with the introduction of many effective and sensible regulatory regimes for online gambling across Europe. However, many other cases have been left to languish for several years and many unlawful restrictions to the free provisions of services have yet to be addressed." 

The RGA experts stated that they plan to continue working with the European Commission to create a unified legal basis for online gambling in Europe. Moreover, they are convinced that the competent regulation of the gambling sphere will benefit both the government and the gamblers.
It was also known earlier that the government of Greece is about to consider new legislation on gambling

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