The Russian Federation to amend gambling laws

Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation suggested revising the existing gambling laws, which would affect bookmakers. Consequential amendments to the Federal Laws - "On lotteries" and "On state regulation of the activities of the organization and conduct of gaming and amending some legislative acts of the Russian Federation" are pending.

Bookmakers will be allowed to receive bets on sporting events in which risks are identified solely by an outcome of events and are not dependent on actions carried out by organizers, their employees or players, and activities associated with organizing and conducting gambling or lotteries.

The list of events includes:

  • Official sporting events organized by international, Russian and foreign sports organizations, federations and leagues;
  • Horse racing at racetracks;
  • Recreational activities broadcasted live by licensed television channels in the RF (excluding advertising of goods and services);
  • Votes, referenda, election results during election campaigns and other events related to voting, elections, etc. held in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Note: A bill on the list of events to receive the betting rates was granted by the State Duma's deferral. It does not specify when exactly the legislative body will proceed to the consideration of the subject-matter bill once again.

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