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Platform Update 20.09.22

September 20, 2022
1 min


  • [Users/Player Details]

    Player Details has been implemented with the ability to send personal messages and push notifications to players without connecting external mailing providers

  • [Telegram Service] 

    Registration bonus has been implemented into the service. Player can now select the bonus, view the bonus details, check the list of available bonuses or cancel the bonus when launching the Registration menu

  • [Telegram Service]

    In the Deposit menu of the bot, players can now view the entire list of bonuses available to them, and also players can perform the following actions:

    • subscribe to the bonus, then continue the deposit process
    • сontinue the process without signing up for the bonus
    • go to Subscribed menu to view the list of bonuses with the activation event "Deposit" to which they subscribed
    • select a bonus from the list to view its details
  • [Segmentation]

    Existing presets have been expanded on the platform:

    • the Period parameter has the following new values: Today / Last 24 hours / Yesterday / Last Week / Last 2 Weeks / Custom range
    • the Currency parameter was expanded with the All on project value
  • [Users/Player Details]

    Administrators can now withdraw the funds to a player's payment method by the player's request. There also has been integrated an option to "close" the account with transfer of funds to the card from which they were deposited

  • [KYC]

    The "I am a PEP" checkbox has been added to the registration form. It is now possible to set the conditions for displaying this checkbox for jurisdictions and in the registration form settings (including additional registration forms). When a player registers, the value of the checkbox will be fixed and displayed in the Player Details

  • [Risk Management]

    There has been integrated a bulk actions option to manage the account status of duplicate players. The administrator can now restrict access to casino resources to players with duplicate accounts in one click

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