Platform Updates 22.06.2022

📅 Updated 29 June, 2022 🕐 2min. 👁 641
14 improvements
Table of contents

Reports changes

  • [Gaming Activity] New parameters: Deposit SumWithdrawal SumIn-OutHold - were added in the By currency part of the report. Tips with description of columns values and formulas have also been implemented

Functional improvements


  • It is now possible to track cashier transactions and users who confirmed player's transactions in the ground-based casinos using newly added columns in the Payment transactions section
  • The manual payment system for users with the Cashier role was integrated on the platform for operations in the ground-based casinos
  • Automatic withdrawals were implemented on the platform. Now users with certain permissions can manage the auto-withdrawal settings and authorized players may withdraw the funds without any assist from the casino administrators

Telegram Casino

  • Players can now be re-directed to the game from the Telegram-bot; demo and real games are available 
  • Game search was optimized in the Telegram-bot, now players can search for games by game groups, providersgame names or within the whole list of games
  • Registration and authorization forms were integrated in the Telegram-bot


  • [Risk Management] The duplicate players calculation algorithm was optimized and now the whole calculation process takes around 5 seconds
  • [Tournaments] Users can now create and edit tournaments on the platform img
  • [Admin Panel] All tables were standardized and now have the same common functions: ability to print the content, equal calendar in all tables etc.
  • [Affiliate Providers] The following player activity events are now shared with the Affiliate providers so that they could receive their rewards:
    • registration, authorization and confirmation of the registration details
    • game session closure
    • deposit and withdrawal
    • bonus activation and wagering
  • [KYC] Users can now manage the module settings according to the jurisdictions of definite territories (Malta, Curaçao) or custom requirements
  • [Bonuses] The Not given incomes log and Lastbetlog were integrated on the platform to track and prevent fraudulent actions in the casino Bonus system
  • [Segmentation] New presets have been implemented on the platform:
    • First today deposit
    • Old deposit: from 2 weeks to 1 month
    • Old deposits: more than 1 month
    • New player without deposit: with attempt
    • New player without deposit: with attemp 
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