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Platform Updates 02.08.2023

August 2, 2023
1 min


  • [Messaging Module]

    A set of player trigger managing settings has been implemented in the Triggers → Player Triggers menu section. Back office users can now perform the following actions: 

    • Select statuses of players to send a message to: players with confirmed/unconfirmed email address, players with confirmed/unconfirmed phone number, inactive players, banned players, blocked players
    • Select the communication channel: personal message, email, SMS, messenger
    • Manage trigger templates: view the list of templates, create a new template or activate/deactivate, edit or delete the existing ones
  • [Messaging Module]

    Visual templates for player triggers are now available on the platform in the Templates menu section. Back office users can create that new type of templates - Trigger Wrapper containing certain placeholders to be sent via email -  so that triggered messages sent out by the casino are branded which can improve communication with the clients and increase their loyalty to the casino

  • [Messaging Module]

    Back office users can view and manage message triggers in the Triggers menu section to set up automatic mass mailing: it is possible to edit trigger text, restore the text to default value etc.

  • [Messaging Module]

    When creating a trigger message in the Triggers menu section back office users can copy placeholders from the Placeholders list field, which has been added to the trigger message creation/editing form, and insert them in the message body; only placeholders available for certain trigger are displayed in the field

  • [General Admin Panel]

    Back office users can now perform search and filter data by player's nickname, the corresponding columns have been implemented in the Payment Transactions table, the Players management table and in the Game sessions table

  • [Affiliate Providers Module]

    Affiliate providers now receive reports every 3 hours to avoid data mismatch on their side

  • [Chat Module]

    GIF service has been implemented in the module so that players could send GIF messages to other players, which increases players' loyalty to the casino and their involvement in gaming process

  • [Chat Module]

    Chat preview on the Settings page has been modified:

    • the preview itself is now located to the right from the settings list
    • in case of editing the chat colors the new color scheme is displayed on the preview immediately
    • back office users can preview chat in both light and dark modes
  • [Affiliate Providers Module] 

    Bet per game session events are now sent to the Alanbase affiliate provider

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