Platform Updates 01.08.2022

August 1, 2022
1 min


  • A new Deposit limits report is now available. The report displays the limits changes data of the land-based casino by structure, by players and by current balance


  • [Telegram Service]

    The Information menu has been implemented in the Telegram Casino and consists of several menu sections:

    • Website
    • About the Casino
    • Support
    • Manuals
  • [Telegram Service]

    Players can manage their accounts via the Telegram-bot, i.e:

    • create an account
    • select the account
    • make deposits and withdrawals
    • view the transaction history
    • edit and confirm their personal and contact details
  • [Users]

    Users with the Cashier role can log out all players on hall to control the land-based casino's finances 

  • [Users]

    The Player Management section was optimized for users with the Cashier role. The new features are: 

    • Balance column
    • Deposit and Withdrawal buttons in the end of the table
    • Possibility to print checks with the deposits and withdrawals history to pass them to players of the land-based casino
  • [Users]

    Users with the Cashier role are now restricted to view or manage some of the Admin panel sections 

  • [Web]

    After placing a deposit players are redirected to the casino website 

  • [Web]

    We have optimized search ability on the website. Now players can search for games by game name by entering 2 characters only 

  • [Payments]

    Users can now increase or decrease the node deposit limits via changing the Node details settings for the land-based casinos 

  • [Payments]

    A new section Cashiers shift log has been implemented on the platform. This section allows administrators to view the Cashiers shifts details to keep records of the land-based casino transactions

  • [Dashboard]

    Cashiers of the land-based casinos can open and close their shifts, They are unable to work in the Admin panel until the shift is open 

  • [Games]

    A new subsection Game contract limits movement was implemented in the platform for land-based casinos. In this subsection users can manage the game contract limits to restrict the ability to launch the games  

  • [Bonuses]

    Now players will not be able to receive cashback if they withdrew their funds. The cashback bonus is calculated without taking into account events happened before the withdrawal 

  • [Admin Panel]

    he list of providers who offer jackpots has been enlarged to increase the players activity and attract new players. A new Providers Jackpots widget has been added on the website. Here is what has changed in the Admin Panel:

    • A new Jackpots mapping section has been created
    • Providers' Jackpots settings are available in the Constructor
  • [Settings]

    Administrator can set up the casino player's features: block players, set up game sessions activity time, set up access code for players etc. 

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