Platform Updates 06.11.2023

📅 Updated 3 November, 2023 🕐 4min. 👁 56
14 improvements
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  • [Business Intelligence Module] A new Players statistics menu section has been implemented in the module. In this section back office users can analyze the casino players' data, explore trends and forecast players' behavior which can increase the casino business efficiency, filter players into segments according to the set up criteria and perform various bulk actions with their accounts: activate or ban players' accounts, enable or disable auto-withdrawals. The module is available only to authorized back office users
  • [Permissions and Roles Module] Back office users permissions have been refined: they have been re-grouped (view group, edit group etc.) and now have a new naming format (the names now match the menu sections) so that back office users have clear understanding on how to manage them
  • [Casino Constructor Module] A SEO block widget has been renamed into a Content block widget. The widget itself has been enriched with a new display type. The widget view has been adapted to all current screen resolutions and devices. Back office users can now edit the content of this widget using the Wysiwyg text editor img
  • [Bonus Module] A Total for all currencies checkbox has been implemented in the bonus creation form on the Main Repeats tab; when it is enabled players can receive the bonus only once despite the amount of currencies they have img
  • [Casino Constructor Module] Back office users can select pagination type (standard pagination per page of the new Load more option) to be displayed on the casino lobby in the Pages  Selected page → Selected widget → Settings menu tab; also the progress of loading can be seen on a progress bar img
  • [Players ModuleChange log in the Player's card has been refined: Event initiator column has been added in the table, now it is possible to track all actions with the player's profile and data and their initiators (back office user, player, system) img
  • [Affiliate Providers Module] It is possible to send the data on bets and wins to the Alanbase provider separately to calculate the GGR parameter more accurately
  • [Messaging Module] The Mass Messaging section has been improved. The section now contains the table with the list of all mailings and detailed information on each of them. Back office users can sort, filter the data in it, create new mailings, edit and delete existing ones 
  • [Casino Constructor Module] Back office users can set up a default avatar for players in the Constructor → Global settings → Default avatar menu section img
  • [Payments Module] Back office users can limit payment methods on payment contracts so that players can use a specific method only if they meet the set requirements (get the Verified status, reach a specific bet amount etc.) img
  • [Casino Lobby] Detailed information on the payment method is now displayed on the deposit/withdrawal page img
  • [Business Intelligence Module] New features have been implemented in the module:
    • with the Add Filters feature back office users can view all available filters in one place and select one or several to apply to the table data 
    • with the Views feature back office users can create a table view template for themselves and save it for future usage
  • [Payments Module] Back office users can set up validation rules for payment methods so that players could see what is filled in incorrectly before the deposit is made (only if there are no pre-determined validation rules and back office user has permission to perform that action) img
  • [Payments Module] The network selection field for the selected cryptocurrency is now displayed only if there are several networks available for the this cryptocurrency 
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