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Platform Updates 06.06.2023

June 6, 2023
1 min


  • The Credit Consumption report logics has been refined — now technical accounts which are not available to players are displayed in the report, which helps back office users to understand which part of funds have been accrued to a player's account from real money, manual or automatic bonuses 


  • [Casino Constructor Module]

    The module design has been refined and some features have been implemented. Casino Constructor module became more flexible so that back office users can easily set up the desired casino lobby. Some examples of new features:

    • in Header widgets back office users can now select Profile or Login buttons (applicable to authorized and unauthorized players accordingly) categories so that those are displayed on the casino lobby header 
    • a new Promo banner widget type has been implemented in the platform, it can be set up on the Pages tab for each page of the casino lobby. The main advantage is that all banner's surface is clickable; several banners can be arranged on a page one above the other) 
    • back office users can now manage the player's profile visibility on the casino lobby by switching the Show player avatar toggler which can be found in the Header & Footer → Header → Profile widget → Settings tab 
    • Back office users can add a custom loader page on the casino lobby; it can be set up on the Lobby editing form → Pages → Site sections → Loader menu section
  • [Casino Lobby]

    Search logics has been refined on the casino lobby (players can search for the needed content starting with 3 symbols, they can enter the search words in any order etc.)

  • [Messages Module]

    Message statuses have been added to the message history table:

    • Email/SMS:
      • Error
      • Sent to provider 
    • Personal:
      • Error
      • Delivered
    • Messenger:
      • Error
      • Sent to provider
  • [General Admin Panel]

    The Hollaex cryptocurrency conversion service has been integrated in the platform 

  • [Games Module]

    Back office users can set up order of Game groups and Games inside the groups

  • [Messaging Module]

    New placeholders have been added to messaging triggers:

    • Bonus cancellation threshold reached
    • Bonus wagered
    • Bonus expiration
    • Bonus has been cancelled
    • Subscribed to the bonus
    • Unsubscribed from the bonus
  • [General Admin Panel]

    Messaging Module is now available for back office users on the Hall casino structure level only

  • [Messaging Module]

    Set new email option has been removed from the Mass Mailing menu section; new aliases can be added only in the Providers section

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