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Platform Updates 07.02.2023

February 7, 2023
1 min


  • [Users Module]

    An Autocreate all balance accounts for new players setting has been implemented in the Authorization and Registration Settings → Default Registration form/ Additional Registration form: with this setting ON back office users are able to create players' accounts in all currencies available on a hall

  • [Risk Management Module]

    Back office users can enable/disable autowithdrawals for players with duplicated accounts in bulk, which will ease putting financial restrictions on suspicious players

  • [Risk Management Module]

    The module design has been refined: Advanced mode has been added to the Duplicate players table, the dates format in tables has been unified etc.

  • [Telegram Service

    Players can now open and play games via the Telegram WebApp

  • [Telegram Service]

    Sportsbook provided by Atlas is now available in Telegram casino in the WebApp menu; both authorized and unauthorized players can now place Sportsbook bets

  • [Sportsbook Module]

    A token refresh update introduced by the Betby provider has been integrated in the module

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