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Platform Updates 08.03.2023

March 8, 2023
2 min



  • [Casino Lobby]

    Players can now use Cryptofiat feature with bonuses, tournaments and freespins: back office users can create bonuses with freespins, then players who use cryptofiat receive freespins in their fiat currency and wins received from freespins accrue on the players' crypto-bonus accounts. Back office users can manage the Enable deposit/withdrawal in crypto & play in fiat setting, which can be found in the Settings → Project Settings → Money menu subsection. When the feature is ON, players can make deposits and have their balance in cryptocurrency and place bets in selected currency in games which do not support cryptocurrency 

  • [Casino Lobby]

    The Network attribute has been added for cryptocurrencies on the casino website (on the header for all player's accounts, on the BonusesTournaments and Accounts pages, wallet creation form, on the registration form when a player needs to select their currency, on the deposit and withdrawal forms) and in the Admin Panel in the Settings → Currencies menu section

  • [Casino Lobby]

    The following features have been implemented in the registration forms:

    • Registration form with one URL can be set for registration of players from different countries 
    • On a registration form it is possible to specify a hall where a player will be registered 
    • Registration form with different URLs for players registering on one hall via different ways (i.e. phone, email)
  • [Casino Lobby]

    The following features have been refined on the Registration forms:

    • Password difficulty check (weak, medium, strong)
    • Password required symbols check list
    • Search by currency code or country name etc.
  • [Casino Lobby]

    Players can register in the Casino via their socials in one click without spending time on filling in the registration form fields

  • [Business Intelligence Module]

    Sportsbook can be sorted out separately in the Statistics table (all available options - Sportsbook data, Casino data, all data)

  • [Settings Module]

    A new setting Profile completeness check has been implemented in the Settings Project Settings Player Settings menu section. This setting allows back office users to set up the fields in a Player's Profile and indicate whether a field is required to be filled in and on what stage (after registration, before deposit, before withdrawal, not required)

  • [General Admin Panel]

    Player's balances now display 2 decimal places for fiat currencies and 8 decimal places for cryptocurrencies 

  • [Messaging Module] 

    Jodit File Storage has been implemented in the module so that back office users can manage images they use in mailing 

  • [Casino Lobby]

    A password recovery link can now be sent to a player's email so that they could easily recover their password

  • [Messaging Module]

    Back office users can now notify players by email about Sportsbook bonuses they receive to boost players' gaming activity

  • [Users Module]

    Back office users can now set up a manual withdrawal for players in the Player management menu section. All such transactions should be manually approved by back office user

  • [Sportsbook Module]

    All betting data received from Atlas and Betby betting providers are now integrated with the PartnerMatrix affiliate provider

  • [Bonus Module]

    Back office users can prioritize bonuses in the Bonus List menu section so that players see the more important ones first

  • [KYC Module]
    • The module's tables appearance has been modified according to the General Admin Panel tables (they can be customized, the configuration now has an Advanced mode, table filters have been updated etc.)
  • [Risk Management Module]

    The risk probability calculation has been refined for the following criteria in the Users → Player management Player Fraud Profile:

    • high deposit
    • money laundering
    • duplicate players
    • abandoned profile
  • [Games Module]

    Back office users can select vertical or horizontal images for a game in standard or high quality on the game editing form in the Game list menu section

  • [Casino Lobby]

    Players can now use emojis when using a chat

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